Wind Farm „Derala 87 MW“

April 2022

There are two potential scenarios for the realisation of this project, one that includes the installation of 29 Vestas turbines with a total cost of EUR 109 million and the other that includes the installation of 29 China turbines with a total cost of EUR 78.9 million. The preliminary choice of turbines, as it now stands, is Vestas V 112, 3.0 MW, 119 mph with 87 MW of installed electric power.

The total investment will depend based on the set of turbines used and it will amount to EUR 109 million for the Vestas or EUR 78.9 million for the China turbines.

Thus far, this project has secured the following documentation and permits: (1) the wind park development project has been approved by the municipality parliament and included in the urban planning, (2) the project has also received approvals for wind measurement and registration at Renewable Energy Project Official Register at FB&H Ministry of Energy, Mining & Industry, (3) contracts for the land rent and control and concession have been entered into, and (4) a decision on the cantonal wind park concession and construction.