The 2nd Round of Joint Technology RES Tender April 2, 2020 – RESULTS

Authors: Gus J. Papamichalopoulos, Konstantinos Varelas, Manos Nimas, KG Law Firm

The current support scheme for RES projects in Greece was introduced by virtue of Law 4414/2016 (“RES Support Law”) in alignment with the EU Guidelines on State aid for Environmental Protection and Energy 2014 – 2020. RES Support Law initiated the sliding feed-in premium operating aid for the Photovoltaic plants (“PVs”) and Wind Parks (“WPs”) which is secured by having successfully participated in the competitive tenders (“Tenders”) organised by the Regulatory Authority for Energy (“RAE”).

The European Commission approved the above framework and on this basis, RAE organised Tenders (2018-2020) in accordance with the provisions of Article 7 of the RES Support Law which along with the provided thereto secondary legislation (Ministerial Decisions) set out the tendering process.

Joint Technology RES Tender – April 2020

In the Joint Tender which was held in April 2020 (no. 1/2020 for WPs and PVs), the weighted average reference tariff was further decreased.

Based on RΑΕ’s decision no. 675/2020, the aforementioned Joint Tender resulted as follows:

  • EUR 51,59/MWh for WPs and PVs.

In the Joint Tender, the tendered capacity was approximately 508,35 MW and the maximum bidding price was set to EUR 61,32/MWh. Nine WPs and PVs projects in total qualified having secured reference tariffs ranging from EUR 49,11/MWh to EUR 54,82/MWh. The weighted average reference tariff was set to EUR 51,59/MWh. The non-allocated capacity shall be transferred to the next Joint RES Tender, i.e. 5,41 MW.

Technology Specific RES Tenders 2020

According to the RAE’s decision no. 1246/2019, the maximum bidding price for the Technology Specific RES Tenders of 2020 has been set to EUR 63/MWh for PVs and to EUR 62,99/MWh for WPs.

The non-allocated capacity shall be transferred to the said Tenders, i.e. 182,03 MW for PVs and 1,45 MW for WPs. The below capacities are expected to be tendered within 2020:

  • 482,03 MW for PVs; and
  • 301,45 MW for WPs.