Commercial Relations Between Turkey and African Countries

The long-standing economic and political ties between Turkey and Africa date back to the times of the Ottoman Empire. The presence of the Ottoman Empire in most of North Africa has led to a common history and culture between these two economic powers; and, such common background also enhanced the commercial relations between the Turkey and the continent of Africa. However, the commercial ties between these two market players were not always as strong as they are today. Basak Islim and  Busra Mollaahmetoglu, Associates of SEE Legal’s Turkish member, Kolcuoglu Demirkan Kocakli, discuss  Turkish…

A New Period in Tourism Investments: Room Sales to Third Parties

Within the last year, it has become possible for tourism investors to get an extension of up to 49 years for the term of usage rights granted on public real properties; and to acquire the real properties on which an easement right is established or has been allocated in favor of the tourism investors or the operators. On 30 June 2018, another long-awaited amendment was made to the Regulation on Certification and Qualifications of Tourism Facilities, legalizing the sales of hotel rooms in the tourism facilities to third parties. Busra Ozden, Associate at SEE Legal’s Turkish member, Kolcuoglu…

KDK Discusses Turkey-specific Information on Confidentiality

KDK's attorneys Bihter Bozbay and Yasemin Guctekin discuss Turkey-specific information on confidentiality in an article, published by Practical Law. To read the article, please download it here.