The Serbian Ministry of Labour’s Guide through Occupational Health and Safety when Working from Home

Author: Marija Gligorevic, BDK Advokati The Serbian Ministry of Labour published on 18 January 2021 the Guide for Safe and Healthy Work from Home (Vodič za bezbedan i zdrav rad od kuće) (“Guide“). The Guide defines work from home as work which involves the use of information and communication technologies (PC, laptop, smartphone, and tablet) enabling remote work. Documenting work from home The Ministry of Labour suggests in the Guide that the work from home on an exceptional basis (and not as a special form of employment) requires that the employer and the employee conclude a formal annex…

KG Law Firm - Health and Safety

At KG Law Firm, the health and safety of its employees remain number one priority and the firm is working hard to make sure that it minimizes the risks related to the spread of Covid-19. KG Law Firm has therefore adopted the following preventive and protective measures: It provides COVID-19 tests for all employees with expenses fully covered by the firm; It has implemented temperature screening for all people entering its premises; It promotes “social distancing” and hence asks to limit close personal interactions and attempts to reduce density within a common workspace; It has provided…


Risks of Artificial Intelligence – Safety Aspects

Industry solutions relying on artificial intelligence (AI) are growing faster than many had predicted. In addition to the important personal data protection considerations, another important question which this new and emerging technology is raising relates to the AI safety problems and their legal response.