Polenak Law Firm Advised on the Largest Privately Owned Local Investment in Renewable Energy in North Macedonia

Polenak Law Firm advised Thor Impex DOOEL Skopje and its owners in the largest privately owned local investment in renewable energy in North Macedonia, a 36MW wind farm Bogoslovec.

Sale of Bela Anta Wind Farm Project

Bela Anta Wind Farm Project is being developed near the city of Pancevo. Bela Anta will consist of 36 wind turbines each of capacity 3.3 MW totalling 118 MW. Developer is in the process of updating the construction permit and EIA. Commissioning of Bela Anta is expected in 2022.

Tendering procedure for Velje Brdo Solar Power Plant

Montenegro intends to launch a tendering procedure for the construction of a solar power plant in Velje Brdo in the capital of Podgorica. The originally planned capacity of 50 MW could be increased to 150 MW or even 300 MW. According to earlier local media reports, Germany’s S&Z Energie Systeme was involved in the initial phase of the project. The estimated value of the investment was EUR 75 million.

Skavica Hydro Power Plant

Skavica is a hydropower plant to be built on the Drini cascade, upstream three existing Drini river hydropower plants: Fierza, Komani and Vau i Dejes.

Will the Romanian Offshore Be the Expected Investment Driver for New Energy Projects?

Authors: Ruxandra Bologa and Emanuel Flechea, NNDKP With the main goal of the EU being to cut CO2 emissions in order to become carbon neutral by 2050, offshore represents valuable “available space” for the development of clean energy projects. While in some cases offshore is already a crowded place, other offshore locations are still free of significant energy infrastructure. Therefore, planning ahead is more important than ever. The EU has already acknowledged the potential of offshore energy projects to help Member States reaching their climate goals through the EU Strategy on offshore…

Government Approval for Wind Farms in Rogatec and Paski Kozjek

In July 2020, the Slovenian government passed a decision to implement the national spatial plan for a wind farm planned in Rogatec and in September such decision was passed in respect of the wind farm planned in Paski Kozjek. Dravske elektrarne Maribor, d.o.o. plans to invest a total of EUR 65 million in three wind farms – in addition to Rogatec and Paski Kozjek, a wind farm project is also foreseen in Ojstrica.

METKA is Planning Participation in All New Major Public Projects

Construction company METKA of the listed Mytilineos group is targeting a series of projects related to the European Union loans, subsidies and grants amounting to EUR 72 billionmetka

HEP Announced a Call for Development and Sale of Renewable Energy Sources Projects

The Croatian state-owned electricity company, Hrvatska elektroprivreda d.d., is seeking partners for renewable energy projects. In this respect, the company has launched an open call for expressions of interest for the development and sale of renewable energy source projects.

Renewable Energy Integration Project

The Renewable Energy Integration Project carried out by the Turkish Electricity Transmission Company (TEIAS) aims to enhance the transmission infrastructure to support the integration of wind power plants to the electricity transmission grid.

Construction of a Wind Farm in Kovacica

New Energy Solutions from Israel is mentioned as investor for this project. The local municipality has initiated the procedure of amending the detailed regulation plan of the area which should allow construction of other wind farms on this locality in the future.

Call for Technology Specific RES Tenders - July 2020

Authors: Gus J. Papamichalopoulos, Konstantinos Varelas, Manos Nimas, KG Law Firm The current support scheme for RES and CHP projects in Greece was introduced by virtue of Law 4414/2016 (hereinafter referred to as “RES Support Law”) in alignment with the EU Guidelines on State aid for Environmental Protection and Energy 2014 - 2020. The RES Support Law provides for the support of RES electricity production plants on the basis of operating aid in the form of a sliding feed-in premium added to the compensation received from the participation in the electricity market in order to reach a reference…

Law 4685/2020: A Promising Step to the Modernisation of Environmental Legislation

On 5 May 2020, the Greek Parliament passed the new environmental law “Μodernisation of the Environmental Legislation, incorporation of Directives 2018/844 and 2019/692 of the European Parliament and the Council into Greek legislation and other provisions”.