Judicial Proceedings before the Court of Auditors and the Effective Administration of Justice - A New Bill is Opening for Public Consultation

The Greek Ministry of Justice launches public consultation on a new bill concerning provisions for the Court of Auditors and the effective administration of justice, which is open until 29 May 2020.


Amendments of the Provisional Measures Concerning Judicial, Administrative and other Public-Law Affairs

With the intention of gradually restoring normal operation of courts and administrative bodies while continuing to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the Parliament of the Republic of Slovenia on 28 April 2020 adopted the Act on Amendments of the Act on Provisional Measures, with which it aims to alleviate some of the measures adopted in the judicial and administrative field.

Decree-Law on Deadlines and Judicial Proceedings during the Emergency in Republika Srpska

According to the newly adopted Decree-Law in Republika Srpska (Official Gazette No. 32/2020), all deadlines for filing lawsuits in civil proceedings, initiating extrajudicial proceedings, enforcement proceedings or other proceedings shall cease to apply during the state of emergency.

Slovenia: Adopted New Provisional Measures with Respect to Judicial Affairs

Pursuant to Article 4 of the Act on Provisional Measures with Respect to Judicial, Administrative and Other Public-Law Affairs for the Control of the Spread of the Contagious Disease SARS-CoV-2 (COVID 19) (ZZUSUDJZ), the President of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Slovenia on 30 March 2020 adopted a new Order on special measures.