Updated List of Important Investments to Restart the Slovenian Economy after the Epidemic

On 19 May 2021, the Slovenian government supplemented the list of important investments, originally adopted on 30 September 2020 as part of the Intervention Act to Remove Obstacles to the Implementation of Significant Investments to Start the Economy After the COVID-19 Epidemic (the “Act”). The list originally included 187 investments worth approximately EUR 7.7 billion. The supplemental list identified 35 new investments and also removed 13, mostly redundant or replacement, projects. At present, a total of 336 investments are included in the list, which may be accessed here. The Act aims…

RES Sector Expected Regulatory Changes

On 13 November 2020, the Minister of Environment and Energy announced a series of regulatory interventions in the energy market to be initiated in the very near future.

Updated List of Important Investments to Restart the Slovenian Economy after the Epidemic

On the basis of the Intervention Act on removing barriers for the implementation of important investments to restart the economy after the COVID-19 epidemic which entered into force on 31 May 2020, the Slovenian Government has determined the list of important investments worth EUR 7.7 billion which can be further expanded.

New Law on Collective Investment Undertakings in Albania

Albanian Parliament recently enacted a new Law on collective investment undertakings which entered into force on 20 June 2020.

AD ESM Announced a Public Call for the Construction of 100 MW Photovoltaic Power Plants

AD ESM announced a public call for the construction of 100 MW photovoltaic power plants which are located on the site of the depleted coal mine of REK Oslomej, through a public-private partnership, i.e. two 50 MW power plants.

KG Law Firm’s Co-Managing Partner, John Kyriakides Chaired an Open Discussion on Investment and Justice

Kyriakides Georgopoulos Law Firm’s Co-Managing Partner and Chairman of the AmCham Legislative Reform Committee, John Kyriakides, chaired an open discussion on Investment and Justice at the 30th Annual Greek Economic Summit, hosted by AmCham.

"Invest in Greece" Law: The highlights

The hotly discussed development bill has been passed by the Hellenic Parliament on 24 October 2019 bearing number 4635/2019 and title “Invest in Greece” (the “Invest in Greece” Law).


Post COVID-19: Financial Support for Investment Projects in North Macedonia

1. Introduction On 09 June 2020, the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia (the “Government”) adopted a decree with a legal effect as a law that extends the provision of financial support to companies in the industrial sector by co-financing investment projects in the period between March 2020 and December 2021. 2. Amount of the financial support Companies may be provided with financial support in the amount of up to 25% of the realized investment project in accordance with the investment plan. Depending on the total revenue in 2019, the companies may apply for: up to EUR 40,000…

Intervention Measures to Encourage Significant Investments in Slovenia After the COVID-19 Epidemic

Authors: Marusa Polak, Miha Hocevar, Natasa Pipan Nahtigal, SELIH & PARTNERJI Law Firm On 29 May 2020, the Slovenian Parliament adopted the Intervention Act to Remove Obstacles to the Implementation of Significant Investments to Start the Economy After the COVID-19 Epidemic (hereinafter “Act”). Its purpose is to accelerate kick-start of significant investments in the Republic of Slovenia as soon as possible after the COVID-19 epidemic ends, which should enable accelerated commencement of economic activity and growth in key investment sectors of the Slovenian economy. The new Act sets…

New COVID-19 Intervention Measures – An Important Step in Stimulating Construction Investments in Slovenia?

On 28 April 2020, the Slovenian Parliament adopted an amendment of certain parts of  the Act Determining the Intervention Measures to Contain the COVID-19 Epidemic and Mitigate its Consequences for Citizens and the Economy.The amendment, which came into force on 1 May 2020, includes some new measures in the field of Slovenian construction regulations

Foreign Investments from Third Countries. A Change in the European Optics?

In an attempt to strengthen the protection of European strategic assets, the European Commission has issued Guidelines regarding the use of the FDI Regulation.

Extension of Deadlines for the Development of RES and CHP Projects Due to COVID-19

The Legislative Act dated 30 March 2020 (G.G. B’ 75/30.03.2020) introduces extensions of several project timetables and their validity period in order to secure the necessary licences and administrative permits/acts. Most notably, the Act addresses the duration of the installation licences which are affected, the conclusion of the binding grid connection offers with the ITO, as well as the deadlines for the electrification of the RES projects.