Airport Investments

The Investment Office states that increasing the total passenger capacity of the Turkish airports to 350 million per year is aimed at an expected investment amount of USD 30 billion.

Tender for the Award of Concession for Two Montenegrin Airports

September 2021 On 25 November 2019, the following companies expressed their interest. The total deal value is up to EUR 300 million. Four companies, out of seven initially applied, have been shortlisted for the second round of the tendering procedure: Incheon International Airport Corporation from South Korea; GMR from India; Groupe ADP with TAV; Corporacion America Airports from Luxemburg. GMR has been eliminated from the process in the meantime because ADP recently acquired a 49% share in GMR. The entire tendering procedure has been delayed several times until now. The latest…

Kanal Istanbul

“Kanal Istanbul” is one of Turkish mega infrastructural projects.

Rehabilitation of the Tirana-Durres Railway Line and Construction of a New Railway Line to Tirana International Airport

The Project consists of the rehabilitation of the existing railway line between the cities of Tirana and Durres and construction of a new railway line connecting the Tirana-Durres line with the Tirana International Airport (TIA). In October 2020 a contract of 30 months with a price of EUR 69,691,711.57 was awarded to the Italian company INC S.P.A. following an international tender launched by the Ministry of Infrastructure and EBRD. The company is currently in the process of obtaining the necessary permits for starting construction works.

Infrastructure and Tourism Enabling Programme

Provision of a sovereign loan facility of up to EUR 60 million to the Republic of Albania to finance tourism-enabling and general municipal infrastructure and transport infrastructure.

Second Railway Track Divaca-Port of Koper

The Divaca–Koper track is important for the international railway freight transport, as the existing track represents a bottleneck on two core European railway corridors.

Upgrade of the Karavanke Railway Tunnel

The Slovenian Infrastructure Agency and the Austrian OBB Infrastruktur published a tender for the Construction works for the safety-technical upgrade of the Karavanke railway tunnel.

IGA Refinancing

IGA, the constructor and operator of the Istanbul Airport, plans to refinance its debts arising from the airport project amounting to around EUR 5 billion.

Cluj-Napoca City Hall Loans EUR 85 million to Finance Investments

Cluj-Napoca City Hall will contract a loan of RON 400 million (EUR 85 million), according to a public procurement procedure published in the Electronic System for Public Procurement in November 2019.

Municipal Services’ Project

The project is established to finance activities related to water supply, solid waste management, and other revenue-generating or cost-saving investments.

Railway Infrastructure

The government will invest in the modernisation of railway infrastructure and renewal of the rolling stock, such as the construction of a new railway line from Beljakovce via Kriva Palanka.


Overview of the Coronavirus Support Initiative & Impact on the Energy and Infrastructure Sectors in SEE

The SEE Legal Energy-Infrastructure Practice Group published an Overview of the Coronavirus Support Initiative and its Impact on the Energy and Infrastructure Sectors in Southeast Europe.