HRADF Tender for the Privatisation of DEPA Commercial S.A.

Submission of binding offers is expected by March 2021.

Romanian Energy Regulator vs. Romanian Gas Producers: Indirect Regulation of the Wholesale Prices for Romanian Gas

Setting natural gas prices, directly or indirectly, is already a tradition in Romania and 2020 is not an exception to the rule.

ExxonMobil Plans to Exit the Romanian Market

ExxonMobil, an important oil and gas company, is looking to sell its 50% participation in Neptun Deep, an offshore gas project. The asking price for its participation is approx. USD 250 million.

Privatisation (sale) of 65% of the Public Gas Company (DEPA)

DEPA is a group of companies with a presence in the energy sector, actively engaged in the wholesale market, trading, supply and distribution of gas to large and retail customers. HRADF holds 65% of DEPA and Hellenic Petroleum the remaining 35%.

South Kavala Natural Gas Storage

The Underground Natural Gas Storage Facility in South Kavala is an energy infrastructure that will enhance the security of supply in the Greek market and will improve the management of the natural gas suppliers' portfolio. The project consists of exploiting the almost depleted underwater natural gas field of South Kavala as an underground natural gas storage (UGS).

Possible Sale of Shares in the Largest Slovenian Energy Company, PETROL

The main business activity of the Slovenian largest energy company, Petrol, is trading in oil derivatives, gas and other energy products. The sale of (minority) shares is possible by one or more of the shareholders.