Maric & Co Advised the EIB

Branko Maric, managing partner at Maric & Co Law Firm, acted on behalf of the European Investment Bank in respect of a loan granted to a local bank in Bosnia and Herzegovina

KG Law Firm Supported the First-ever Secondary PPP Deal in Greece

Kyriakides Georgopoulos Law Firm is proud to have supported the first-ever Secondary PPP Deal in Greece. Greek PPP developer Avax sold an operational school PPP comprising 10 schools to a Swedish social infrastructure and real estate investor, Sterner Stenhus. KG Law Firm, acting for the lenders’ group (EIB/Alpha/NBG), was instrumental in the seamless closing of the transaction. The firm looks forward to reaching more PPP milestones in the Greek market.

The Second Railway Track from Divaca to the Port of Koper

he Divaca-Koper section is an integral part of the Trans-European Transport Network ("TEN-T network").  In accordance with EU Regulation No. 1316/2013, the territory of the Republic of Slovenia is crossed by two corridors of the core network, an integral part of which is also the Divaca–Koper line: the Baltic Adriatic corridor in the direction (Graz)–Šentilj–Maribor–Ljubljana–Koper/Trieste, and the Mediterranean corridor in the direction (Venice)–Trieste/Koper–Ljubljana–Pragersko–Hodoš–(Budapest). The importance of the Divaca-Koper line is most evident in international railway freight transport, which is understandable given the role of the Port of Koper in linking the hinterland Slovenian and European economies with countries overseas.

Software Group to Obtain an Investment Loan from the European Investment Bank

The global technology company Software Group signed an agreement with the European Investment Bank to obtain an investment loan of EUR 18 million. The European Investment Bank chose Bulgaria to fund a project with money from the European Strategic Investment Fund. Funding will be used in two areas - R&D and Innovation, Business Development and Marketing. Over the next three years, the company will focus on developing new technologies, platforms and products in the field of insurance, factoring and Internet of Things (IoT).

Corridor Vc Phase 3 Project

An EBRD and EIB funded project that has a total estimated cost of EUR 235 million for the construction of priority motorway sections along the international transport Corridor Vc.