Skavica Hydro Power Plant

Skavica is a hydropower plant to be built on the Drini cascade, upstream three existing Drini river hydropower plants: Fierza, Komani and Vau i Dejes.

HEP Announced a Call for Development and Sale of Renewable Energy Sources Projects

The Croatian state-owned electricity company, Hrvatska elektroprivreda d.d., is seeking partners for renewable energy projects. In this respect, the company has launched an open call for expressions of interest for the development and sale of renewable energy source projects.

Call for Joint RES Tender - April 2020

The current support scheme for RES and CHP projects in Greece was introduced by virtue of Law 4414/2016 in alignment with the EU Guidelines on State aid for Environmental Protection and Energy 2014 - 2020.

Possible Sale of the National Electric Utility Power Company

The national electric company Elektroprivreda Srbije is to transform from a public company to a joint stock company in the second half of 2020. The transformation of the national company is considered as a step towards the sale of the entire company or one of its sections. Elektroprivreda Srbije has been struggling with operational efficiency and as such it represents a burden for the state budget. There is no precise estimation of its value, but according to speculations, Elektroprivreda Srbije with its entire property that includes, machinery, mines, transmission system and business space is…

Enel Plans to Sell its Romanian Subsidiary

Enel, a leading electricity company, is looking to sell all or part of its operations in Romania.

CEZ Wants to Sell its Romanian Subsidiaries

CEZ, a leading Czech electricity group, will begin the process of selling its assets in Romania.

Privatisation of the Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network Operator

The Greek State is reviewing the options for the privatisation of HEDNO and is considering the regional approach model (split the areas on a geographical basis) in order to enhance the value of the sale of HEDNO.


JSC ESM has a strategy to improve energy efficiency and reduce its own electricity consumption. The strategy involves several major projects, such as Electricity Compensation in REK Bitola Mines; Replacement of electric motors and their management with frequency regulators for smoke fans and power pumps in TPP Bitola; Energy Efficiency Measures in Subsidiary "Energetika".


The Effects of COVID-19 on the Energy Sector

In view of the COVID-19 outbreak situation, several packages of emergency measures have been adopted by the Greek Government.The Energy industry overall is one of the sectors which, under the circumstances, is facing several issues and complications due to the suspension of operation of several governmental authorities.