Decree-Law on Deadlines and Judicial Proceedings during the Emergency in Republika Srpska

According to the newly adopted Decree-Law in Republika Srpska (Official Gazette No. 32/2020), all deadlines for filing lawsuits in civil proceedings, initiating extrajudicial proceedings, enforcement proceedings or other proceedings shall cease to apply during the state of emergency.

Extension of Deadlines for the Development of RES and CHP Projects Due to COVID-19

The Legislative Act dated 30 March 2020 (G.G. B’ 75/30.03.2020) introduces extensions of several project timetables and their validity period in order to secure the necessary licences and administrative permits/acts. Most notably, the Act addresses the duration of the installation licences which are affected, the conclusion of the binding grid connection offers with the ITO, as well as the deadlines for the electrification of the RES projects.

Extension of Deadlines for the Development of RES Projects are Under Review by the Government Due to Covid-19

With a view to safeguarding RES investments in Greece, the MEE will purportedly seek to postpone the RES investors' obligations most likely for a few months in order to assist the viability of the projects.