Omnibus Law: Limitations on Dividend Distribution

The Omnibus Law, through amendments to the Turkish Commercial Code, introduces certain limitations on capital companies’ dividend distributions.

Omnibus Bill: Amendments to Turkish Commercial Code and Labour Law

In its efforts to combat the COVID-19 pandemic and to implement required precautions, the Turkish government has prepared the Draft Law on Amendments to Certain Laws (the "Omnibus Bill")


Unlawful Commercial Advertisements in Turkish Law

In today's free economy, advertisements, marketing and communication have critical importance in triggering commercial, technological and economic developments. Advertisements are the market players’ prominent instrument for reaching out to a wide variety of diverse consumer communities and promoting their firms, brands, or products. Turkish law defines the term “commercial advertisements” as “marketing communications in written, visual, auditory or other forms promoting the sale or lease of goods and services and informing and persuading target consumer groups”. Advertisements’ and marketing’s substantial role in micro-economy has triggered the need for consumer protection , in order to ensure and sustain a balanced and fair trade environment. The legislator has introduced laws and secondary legislation governing advertisements and has established supervisory authorities to serve for this purpose.