Hyundai Motor Group and other South Korean Companies Interested in Investment in the Automotive Industry in Bulgaria

Bulgaria and South Korea are negotiating on the building of Automobile Factory and Autonomous Vehicles test centre of Hyundai and Battery Factory of another South Korean company (whose name was not disclosed) for Electric cars on the territory of Bulgaria. The investment in the Battery Factory shall be over EUR 1.5 billion and Bulgaria is in competition for the investment together with other two countries. Bulgaria has provided possible locations for the factories to the two South Korean companies.

Volkswagen AG to Open a New Automobile Factory in Eastern Europe

After postponing Volkswagen AG’s final decision to open a new automobile factory in Turkey, Bulgaria sees a chance to be considered as a potential destination again. The postponement of the decision is due to Turkey’s military action in northern Syria. Possible locations for a Volkswagen factory in Bulgaria are Sofia and Plovdiv

Possible Sale of CIMOS d.d.

The Italian financial fund Palladio Holding Group is planning to sell Cimos (unofficially reported). Cimos is one of the names closely related to the strong automotive industry as the group and its subsidiaries supply turbo, powertrain and kinematics solutions to the main automotive producers like Ford, Volvo, PSA, BMW, Audi and VW, and their suppliers Honeywell, Bosch Mahle Turbo Systems, BorgWarner Turbo Systems and TRW.