Second Railway Track Divaca-Port of Koper

The Divaca–Koper track is important for the international railway freight transport, as the existing track represents a bottleneck on two core European railway corridors.

The Second Railway Track from Divaca to the Port of Koper

he Divaca-Koper section is an integral part of the Trans-European Transport Network ("TEN-T network").  In accordance with EU Regulation No. 1316/2013, the territory of the Republic of Slovenia is crossed by two corridors of the core network, an integral part of which is also the Divaca–Koper line: the Baltic Adriatic corridor in the direction (Graz)–Šentilj–Maribor–Ljubljana–Koper/Trieste, and the Mediterranean corridor in the direction (Venice)–Trieste/Koper–Ljubljana–Pragersko–Hodoš–(Budapest). The importance of the Divaca-Koper line is most evident in international railway freight transport, which is understandable given the role of the Port of Koper in linking the hinterland Slovenian and European economies with countries overseas.

The Second Railway Track from Divaca to the Port of Koper

The management of the Divaca-Koper railway project has been tranferred to 2TDK, the special purpose vehicle in 100% state ownership that was incorporated based on the law governing the project. The contractors of 2TDK are currently starting with the construction of access roads to the future construction site, while 2TDK will soon start publishing new tenders, first of them for project design documents, followed by various construction and technical tenders. The second track Divaca-Koper will be built by the end of 2025, with the most intensive building dynamics between 2019 and 2023, with an…