Durres Touristic Yachts and Marina ProjectPort

September 2022 Since 2020, the Albanian Government has announced its plan for the adoption/construction of a touristic Port in Durres. In a media release, the Prime Minister’s office announced that certain talks are being held with the company Symphony Invest Limited, part of the group of companies of Mr. Mohamed Alabbar, who is also managing the United Emirates’ based EMAAR Group. Initially, the Albanian Government stated that the project would be awarded under a competitive process. However, subsequently, the Albanian Government awarded the status of strategic investor to the company “Symphony…

1915 Canakkale Bridge Put in Service

May 2022 1915 Canakkale Bridge was put into service on 18 March 2022. 4,608-meter-long bridge connects two coasts of Canakkale. It is expected that the construction of the bridge will also have a significant affect on the development of the region by enabling the integration of ports, railway and air transportation systems in the Marmara and Aegean regions. The project’s contribution to the economy is estimated to be EUR 628 million. It also has an impact of (i) EUR 2 billion 442 million on national income, and (ii) EUR 5 billion 362 million on production activities.

Airport Investments

The Investment Office states that increasing the total passenger capacity of the Turkish airports to 350 million per year is aimed at an expected investment amount of USD 30 billion.

Railway Track Overhaul

April 2022 The railway system of Bosnia and Herzegovina has fallen into decay and has not been systematically overhauled since 1968. Railway overhaul project is a must for Bosnia and Herzegovina and presents one of its most crucial steps in modernising travel infrastructure. This is the reason a major emphasis has been put on the project that will be carried out by the Public Enterprise Railways of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina Ltd. Among other things the Railways of the FB&H conduct the maintenance, modernisation and construction of railway infrastructure and activities that serve…

Delta and Port Baros – Rijeka Waterfront

April 2022 The conversion of port facilities into urban ones is based on the long-standing public and professional need for the integration of urban, residential, and commercial facilities in this area, i.e. on the need for active coexistence of the port and the city. By moving port activities from the Delta and Baros ports to other locations, the spatial and location potential of this area is directed towards creating a new and recognizable part of the city center which with its contents, appearance, and quality of public spaces will become a place of new city identity, active coexistence. with…

Railway Tracks Overhaul (Sections Doboj – Maglaj and Jelina – Zenica)

March 2022 The purpose of this project runs parallel to the one described above and is a part of the general overhaul that is needed throughout the entire railway system in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This project is part of the Framework Transport Strategy of B&H (2016 – 2030). The section Doboj – Maglaj was a part of the single-track line B. Samac/Samac – Sarajevo. The first track was built in 1947 and its modernisation had been carried out several times, the last one in 1971. The second track was built in 1978 and the overhaul has not been performed ever since. Although the projected…

Construction of Llogara Tunnel

The Albanian Government has announced in June 2020 the construction of Llogara Tunnel.

Track Machinery for Construction and Maintenance of Railways in FB&H

February 2022 The Public Enterprise Railways of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina has initiated the project for the procurement of track machinery. It is part of the country’s transport strategy for the period 2016 – 2030. The track machinery that is set to be procured is as follows: (1) a track regulating machine, 1 piece; (2) a machine for direction and vertical alignment regulation of switches, 1 piece; (3) a machine for electric butt welding of rails, 1 piece; (4) a heavy motor trolley with a crane and accessories for track maintenance, 4 pieces; (5) a heavy motor trolley with an…

Tender for Waste Water Treatment Facility in Krnjaca Published

January 2022 The job will be financed by the European Investment Bank, as part of the project for the construction of the sewer system on the left coast of the Danube in the Belgrade municipality of Palilula. The tender will be open until 22 February 2022, while the deadline for the design and completion of works in three years. 

Belene Nuclear Power Plant Update

At the end of 2019, the state announced that the officially shortlisted candidates to begin negotiations with include Atomenergoprom, China National Nuclear Corporation, Korea Hydro Nuclear Power Corporation, Framatome and General Electric.

International Tender for River Transport in Belgrade City Soon

January 2022 Belgrade city parliament adopted a project proposal for public-private partnership for public linear river transport of passengers on its territory. The proposed duration period for the public-private partnership is 30 years. The private partner is obliged to put 11 passenger boats into operation, to build a marina and a depot for their handling, maintenance, and servicing. Two lines are envisaged in the first phase, one from New Belgrade to the Old town and another from Zemun to Ada Huja – authorities pointed out.

Belgrade City Rail

December 2021 The project envisages the construction of the city rail around Belgrade. There are no agreements signed, but the possible collaboration with the Russian Federation has been discussed.