Significant Amendments to Real Estate Legislation

The Law on the Amendments to the Land Registry Law and Certain Laws (the “Omnibus Bill”) published in the Official Gazette dated 10 July 2019 and numbered 30827 introduced significant amendments to several laws, particularly to the Land Registry Law, the Condominium Law, the Zoning Law and the Law on Restructuring the Areas under Risk of Natural Disasters. The enforcement date of a number of the provisions is 10 July 2019, which is the publication date in the Official Gazette, whereas the enforcement date of the remaining provisions is 1 January 2020.

Kolcuoglu Demirkan Kocakli Announces New Partnerships

Kolcuoglu Demirkan Kocakli (“KDK”) is very pleased and honored to announce the partnerships of Inci Karcilioglu and Bihter Bozbay. SEE Legal Group joins KDK in congratulating Inci and Bihter and look forward to their continued success as partners in KDK’s growing firm.

Unlawful Commercial Advertisements in Turkish Law

In today's free economy, advertisements, marketing and communication have critical importance in triggering commercial, technological and economic developments. Advertisements are the market players’ prominent instrument for reaching out to a wide variety of diverse consumer communities and promoting their firms, brands, or products. Turkish law defines the term “commercial advertisements” as “marketing communications in written, visual, auditory or other forms promoting the sale or lease of goods and services and informing and persuading target consumer groups”. Advertisements’ and marketing’s substantial role in micro-economy has triggered the need for consumer protection , in order to ensure and sustain a balanced and fair trade environment. The legislator has introduced laws and secondary legislation governing advertisements and has established supervisory authorities to serve for this purpose.

KDK’s Arbitration Partner Okan Demirkan at the First ISTAC’s Energy Disputes Conference

KDK Law Firm's Arbitration Partner Okan Demirkan will be a moderator at the third panel on Energy Transit Related Issues in the first “Energy Disputes Conference”, organised by the Istanbul Arbitration Centre’s (ISTAC) Energy Commission - co-hosted by KDK and Boden Law.  The conference will take place on 23 May 2019 at TOBB Plaza in Istanbul

Okan Demirkan Re-elected to the Board of Turkey’s Ethics & Reputation Society

Okan Demirkan, KDK Law Firm's Ethics & Compliance Team Leader, has been re-elected to the Board of Turkey’s Ethics & Reputation Society (TEID) for a third term. TEID is dedicated to supporting an ethical business culture in Turkey - with over 130 corporate members managing 14% of Turkey’s GDP and employing over 200,000 people

Deals in the Pipeline in Turkey

With the decline in the Turkish lira and the economic distress the country is facing, the Minister of Treasury of Finance, Berat Albayrak had previously announced that within the new economic program of Turkey that Turkey would not be partaking in new projects funded by the government. However, there are some projects announced prior to this.

2018 Review of the Turkish M&A Market

Dr. Umut Kolcuoglu, Managing Partner at Kolcuoglu Demirkan Kocakli, provided an insight into the Turkish M&A market for 2018 in the Dunya Executive Magazine.    Please download the article here.

KDK Hosts ACC Roundtable in Istanbul

Kolcuoglu Demirkan Kocakli hosted an impromptu roundtable for the Turkey chapter of the Association of Corporate Counsel. Featuring a visiting regional team from Novartis, the event brought together Turkish ACC members and KDK client counsel for a fun, interactive afternoon with drinks in the garden. Topics included: Arbitration Clauses and State Courts (Okan Demirkan, KDK); How (Not) to Terminate Employment Contracts: A Litigator’s Perspective (Rami Arda Yorukoglu/Selin Balkir Ercin, KDK); International Negotiation Skills for Inhouse (Salah Mostafa Regional Head of Legal Mena, Novartis).

KDK’s Partner Okan Demirkan was a Commentator at the Istanbul Arbitration Centre

Sharing his years of experience, Kolcuoglu Demirkan Kocakli's Arbitration team leader Okan Demirkan was invited to comment on presentations at the Istanbul Arbitration Centre (ISTAC)/ Marmara University Arbitration School. Okan commented on both academics and practising lawyers. The topic of this session, the fifth in a series, was “Execution of Arbitration Agreements by Proxy”. Kolcuoglu Demirkan Kocakli continuously contributes at events to educate, share and bring real world experience into the classroom.

New Era in Assignment of Building Inspection Institutions: Electronic Appointment

The amendments made to the Law No. 4708 on Building Inspection and the Regulation on Implementation of Building Inspection to eliminate building inspection weaknesses caused by the close commercial ties between building inspection institutions and building contractors, entered into force on 1 January 2019. The amendments introduce transparent assignment of the building inspection institutions through electronic system.

Amendment to Turkish Code of Obligations: Recent Developments on Real Estate Lease Agreements

New Cap on Lease Amount Increase Rate: Consumer Price Index It was determined in the Medium-Term Plan pertaining to the years 2019-2023, published last September, that the cap on lease amount increase rate will be the Consumer Price Index (the "CPI") rather than the Producer Price Index (the "PPI"), as the PPI rate was highly affected by fluctuations in foreign currency and commodity prices. In this regard, initially, the Communique on Decree No. 32 on Protection of the Value of Turkish Currency (the "Communique on Decree No. 32") was amended to regulate that under certain circumstances, the lease…

KDK’s Partner Okan Demirkan Spoke at ISTAC’s M&A Disputes Conference

Okan Demirkan spoke at ISTAC’s M&A Disputes Conference, along with Dr. Michele Patocchi (Patocchi & Marzolini), Ed Poulton (Baker McKenzie) and Prof. Ercument Erdem. While sharing his experience in M&A related arbitrations, Okan emphasized the need to update Turkey’s International Arbitration Law, particularly its interim measures related provisions. In addition to his arbitration expertise, Okan also represents clients in litigation proceedings in Turkey, including commercial, administrative and employment lawsuits as well as criminal lawsuits related to white-collar crimes, and…