Various Properties for Sale by Bank Assets Management Company

The Slovenian Bank Assets Management Company (BAMC) is selling various business, industrial and residential properties, building plots and tourist facilities.

Legal Restriction of Trans Fat in Foodstuffs in Slovenia

Rules governing the maximum permitted level of trans fatty acids (trans fats) in foodstuffs were adopted in Slovenia on 19 March 2018, shortly after their reduction was included as a strategic objective of the Slovenian National Program on Diet and Physical Activity for Health 2015-2025. At the beginning of April, a 12-month transition period allowing for stock depletion will come to an end, and foodstuffs with a high trans fat content may no longer be sold.

Invitation to Tender for the Purchase of Claims Held Against the Fori Group

With the transfer of assets in 2014 from Slovenian banks, the Slovenian Bank Assets Management Company (BAMC) became a creditor of the companies TT Okroglica d.d., Fori d.o.o., Fori Skupina d.o.o., Elvel d.o.o., Emo-Tech d.o.o. (the “Fori Group”). At this point, BAMC is considering disposing of its collateralized loan exposure in the companies in the total amount of EUR 18,1 million. The deadline for submission of indicative offers is 23 April 2019 and the deadline for submission of binding offers 26 June 2019.

SELIH & PARTNERJI Advised KJK Fund on its Acquisition of Elan

SELIH & PARTNERJI Law Firm has advised the KJK Fund on its acquisition of Slovenian sporting goods manufacturer Elan from MLI (part of the Bank of America Merrill Lynch group) and Wiltan (part of VR Capital group). While merger clearances in other countries have already been obtained, the sale is still contingent on the approval of Slovenia's competition authority, and it is expected to close in mid-2019.

The Sale of Shares in Slovenian Electricity Distribution Companies

In November 2018, the minority holders of the shares in the electricity distribution companies ELEKTRO CELJE, d.d., ELEKTRO GORENJSKA, d.d., ELEKTRO LJUBLJANA, d.d., ELEKTRO MARIBOR, d.d. and ELEKTRO PRIMORSKA, d.d. formed a consortium for the joint sale of these shares. ALTA Invest d.d. and ALTA Group, d.d., have been appointed as exclusive financial advisers of the sellers. An investment teaser on the electricity distribution market and individual electricity distribution companies in Slovenia is available here. Source: ALTA

The Upcoming Trade Secrets Act

On 10 January 2019, the Trade Secrets Act was sent for consideration to the Slovenian Parliament and will have to be adopted shortly - as required by Directive (EU) 2016/943 on the protection of undisclosed know-how and business information (i.e. trade secrets) against their unlawful acquisition, use and disclosure. SELIH & PARTNERS is encouraging the companies to respond quickly and prepare for the upcoming changes by adopting appropriate internal acts or revisiting the existing internal acts in order to ensure that all important trade secrets are adequately protected.

Next Step in the Sale of NLB

As previously reported, the largest Slovenian bank is to be sold by the end of 2018. On 15 October 2018, The Republic of Slovenia, acting through Slovenian Sovereign Holding ("SSH"), and Nova Ljubljanska banka ("NLB") announced the intention to proceed with an offering to the public and listing of NLB's ordinary shares on the Ljubljana Stock Exchange and of the global depositary receipts representing NLB's ordinary shares on the London Stock Exchange. The offer refers to at least 50% of the existing shares plus one share and up to 75% of the existing shares less one share. On 26 October 2018,…

Selih & Partners Advise Mercator on its Sale of 10 Shopping Centres in Slovenia

On October 12, 2018, Mercator and Supernova signed a contract for the sale of ten shopping centres in Slovenia. In accordance with the contract worth EUR 116,6 million, Supernova will acquire the shopping centres Ajdovscina, Celje, Jesenice, Koper I, Kranj Primskovo, Kranj Savski otok, Ljubljana Siska, Postojna, Novo mesto, and Slovenj Gradec and invest into their renovation, while Mercator will rent parts of the centres where it performs its core activity. The contract provided Mercator with a rental agreement for a period of 15 years, with the possibility of extending the agreement for another…

Abanka Bank for Sale

Slovenian Sovereign Holding has started the privatization process of the third largest bank in Slovenia – Abanka d.d. ("Abanka"). The envisaged transaction includes the sale of 100% of shares in Abanka and its subsidiaries (i.e. two companies operating in real estate and property management). BNP Paribas SA is acting as an exclusive financial adviser. Abanka is fully owned by the Republic of Slovenia and managed by the Slovenian Sovereign Holding, and has: 9,6% market share in Slovenia total assets of around EUR 3,6 mrd (2017) net income of EUR 42 m (2017) 55 branch offices in Slovenia 1.035…

Terme Catez Hotels on Sale

Terme Čatež d.d. is selling the Mokrice Golf & Hotel Resort. They are also expected to sell hotels Žusterna and Koper on the Slovenian coast.

The Second Railway Track from Divaca to the Port of Koper

The management of the Divaca-Koper railway project has been tranferred to 2TDK, the special purpose vehicle in 100% state ownership that was incorporated based on the law governing the project. The contractors of 2TDK are currently starting with the construction of access roads to the future construction site, while 2TDK will soon start publishing new tenders, first of them for project design documents, followed by various construction and technical tenders. The second track Divaca-Koper will be built by the end of 2025, with the most intensive building dynamics between 2019 and 2023, with an…

Bank Assets Management Company selling overdue claims

Bank Assets Management Company has recently published the following calls for bids: (i) to purchase overdue claims held against 53 legal entities arising from loans, financial leasing contracts, guarantees and bank accounts, whose combined value as per 31 July 2018 amounts to EUR 94,382,010.86 EUR. In most cases, the debtors are (or were) in bankruptcy. Some of the claims are insured by pledge of collateral or real estate assets. The deadline for submission of binding bids is on 5 November 2018.  For more information click here. (ii) to purchase claims against 23 legal entities (SMEs) arising…