BDK Advokati Advised INVENIO in the Process of Segmentation of the Vocational Education Division of LINK Group

November 2023  BDK Advokati advised INVENIO Partners (INVENIO) who joined forces with Accession Capital Partners (ACP) in the process of segmentation of the vocational education division of LINK Group, a leading professional education business in Southeastern Europe. Dentons assisted in relation to English law matters, while NNDKP along with Gladei & Partners assisted in relation to Romanian and Moldovan aspects of the acquisition. INVENIO and ACP will support LINK’s leadership team to expand the company’s geographic reach. Additionally, they will enhance the company’s product…

The Government of Serbia Repealed Most of the Recent Restrictions on Clinical Trials

October 2023 As SEE Legal reported, in August this year, the Government of Serbia adopted amendments to the Rulebook on clinical trials of human medicines (“Rulebook on Clinical Trials“), introducing significant changes to the clinical trials regime. The first amendment limited clinical trials to public healthcare institutions, excluding privately-owned healthcare institutions from the clinical trials system. The second amendment completely excluded the possibility of conducting phase I clinical trials (phase I, Ia, and Ib) in Serbia. The amendments caused backlash from the industry associations,…

BDK Advokati Advised Shareholders of Amiga in the Sale to Beam Global (NASDAQ: BEEM)

October 2023 BDK Advokati advised shareholders of Amiga DOO, a regional leader in the production of poles for mobile networks, street lighting, and innovative solar poles in the sale of 100% of shares to Beam Global (NASDAQ:BEEM). Beam Global is at the forefront of clean technology innovation, offering sustainable solutions for electric vehicle (EV) charging, energy storage, and energy security. BDK’s team is being led by senior partner Vladimir Dasic, with the assistance of finance partner Dragoljub Sretenovic and senior associate Marija Gligorevic.

BDK Advokati Advises Waberer’s International on the Acquisition of MDI

October 2023  Waberer’s International acquired a 55% shareholding in Serbian company MD International (MDI), with an option to acquire the remaining 45%. The purchase price was not disclosed. Waberer’s is the largest road transport company in Hungary and one of the largest road freight transport companies in Europe, operating a fleet of 3,500 trucks. It has a presence in Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland and the UK. MDI has positioned itself as a significant player in Serbia’s distribution industry, with brands such as Henkel, Vileda, Wilkinson Sword, and Pionir. The…

“Tracking”, “Monitoring”, and “Profiling” in Recent Clearview AI cases

September 2023 In the past two years, most recently on May 10, 2023, when the Austrian Datenschutzbehörde issued its decision, supervisory authorities in several European countries declared the processing of personal data by the company Clearview AI to be contrary to the GDPR. To determine whether GDPR applied to the processing of personal data by a company based in the United States, the authorities had to interpret the concepts of “monitoring”, “tracking”, and “profiling”. This blog post explores how the recent Clearview decisions interpreted “monitoring”, “tracking”,…

BDK Advokati Advised Shareholders of Digital Revolution d.o.o. in the Sale of Shares to FIBERS PTE

September 2023 BDK Advokati advised Vision Gaming Holding and other shareholders of Digital Revolution d.o.o. in the sale of 100% of shares to FIBERS PTE from Singapore. Digital Revolution together with Digital 1 operates one of the first online web-gaming sites Circus Bet which was founded in 2016 and immediately became one of the most popular platforms for online betting. BDK team was led by Senior Partner Vladimir Dasic and Junior Associate Andjela Susljik.

New Restrictions to Clinical Trials in Serbia

August 2023 The Government of Serbia adopted in the beginning of August amendments to the Rulebook on clinical trials of human medicines (“Rulebook on Clinical Trials“), which entered into force on 12 August 2023. There are two significant changes that negatively affect clinical trials in Serbia. The first amendment relates to the site of a clinical trial, which is now limited to public healthcare institutions. Therefore, clinical trials can no longer be conducted in privately owned healthcare institutions. The second amendment excludes phase I clinical trials (phase I, Ia, and Ib) from…

Sale of a 100 % Shareholding in UNIOR Components d.o.o., Kragujevac, Serbia

June 2023 Unior Components D.O.O. Kragujevac is an enterprise based in Serbia. It is owned by UNIOR d.d., based in Slovenia, and operates in the Machine Tool Manufacturing industry. The latest financial highlights indicate a net sales revenue drop of 1.73% in 2021. A growth of 4.4% was recorded in its total assets. In 2021, Unior Components D.O.O. Kragujevac’s net profit margin decreased by 3%.

BDK Advokati Advised on the Sale of Expobank

April 2023 BDK Advokati advised the shareholders of Expobank A.D. Belgrade on the sale of 100% of their shares to the shareholder of Adriatic Bank A.D. Podgorica. The BDK team was led by partner Vladimir Dasic and associate Sanja Dedovic.

Modernisation of Belgrade - Nis Rail Link

April 2023 The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), the European Union (EU) and the European Investment Bank (EIB) are financing large-scale modernisation of the rail link Belgrade - Nis. The three organisations are providing a EUR 2.2 billion financing package to Serbia for this project which forms part of the Pan-European Corridor X railway axis. The package includes a EUR 550 million EBRD loan, the largest EBRD loan to Serbia to date. It also includes a EUR 1.1 billion loan from the EIB, and an investment grant of around EUR 598 million from the EU, the largest EU grant…

Solarina Solar Power Plant

April 2023 This is a solar power plant project in development stage, being developed by CWP in eastern Serbia, with envisaged installed capacity of around 150 MW. Development stage should be completed during 2023 and go into financing stage. CWP has a framework cooperation agreement with Mercuria to support development (through offtake) of renewable energy projects in Southeast Europe.

Plandiste Wind Farm

April 2023 This is a wind farm project in ready to build stage, entitled to feed-in-tariff, being developed by Swiss developer MET and Russian Gazpromneft with envisaged installed capacity of around 100 MW in Banat, northern Serbia. The project will probably see shareholder consolidation due to sanctions against Russian companies and then hopefully go into financing stage.