The Regime of Limitation Periods during the State of Emergency in Romania

Chapter V of Presidential Decree No. 195 of 16 March 2020, called “The Field of Justice” regulates the legal regime of limitation periods and of the time-limits after which the right to act is lost.

Public Procurement under State of Emergency

Following the COVID-19 outbreak in Romania, the President of Romania issued Decree No. 195/2020 (the “Decree”) for proclaiming a 30-day state of emergency effective from 16 March 2020. Among other rules impacting the day-to-day life and businesses, Article 10 of the Decree has brought up an important derogation from the public procurement rules, allowing “central public authorities and legal entities where the state is a majority shareholder” to “directly purchase materials and equipment necessary for fighting the epidemic”.

Coronavirus: Stay Healthy and be GDPR Compliant

When planning to collect employees’ personal data as part of the efforts to monitor and prevent the spread of COVID-19 among the organisation, the employers should consider also the data protection implications thereon. Such implications arise in particular when the envisaged processing entails the collection and use of special categories of data, such as health data (e.g., data resulting from screening or testing of employees’ health condition, information that an employee is or may be infected with the coronavirus that causes COVID-19).

News on the Instating of the State of Emergency

Decree No. 195/16.03.2020 of the President on the instating of the state of emergency on the Romanian territory was published within the Official Gazette No. 212 dated 16 March 2020.

News on Granting Days off to Parents to Supervise their Children in case of Temporary Closing of Schools in Romania

Law No. 19/2020 on granting days off to parents to watch over their children in case of temporary closing of educational establishments was published within the Official Gazette No. 209 dated 14 March 2020.

Promotions at NNDKP – Class of 2020

NNDKP announced today the 2020 class of promotions: 1 lawyer and 1 tax consultant enter the NNDKP Partnership; 5 lawyers are promoted to the Managing Associates position and 3 fiscal consultants become Tax Directors; 10 lawyers are named Senior Associates.

NNDKP and PCA Law Merge and Set Up a Strong Legal & Tax Advisory Structure in Transylvania

Nestor Nestor Diculescu Kingston Petersen (NNDKP) starts off 2020 with a major project that will consolidate the legal & tax services structure offered to the business community of Cluj-Napoca (Cluj County) and the neighboring counties. After evaluating the needs of the legal market in the Transylvania region and the expectations of the local clients, NNDKP and the law firm of Paun Ciprian and Associates (PCA Law Office) decided to join forces and merge. As of 1 January 2020, PCA Law Office will become an integral part of the NNDKP Cluj-Napoca Office; the clients of PCA will receive legal…

NNDKP Assisted Raiffeisen Bank Romania

Nestor Nestor Diculescu Kingston Petersen (NNDKP) assisted Raiffeisen Bank Romania in a tripartite transaction whereby Banca Comerciala Romana, BRD Group Societe Generale and Raiffeisen Bank Romania will have equal ownership rights of 33.3% in CIT ONE, one of the most important companies on the Romanian market specialised in the transport, processing and storage of cash and other valuables.

NNDKP Advised Sistec Next Docs and Sistec Confidential

NNDKP provided assistance to the businessman Vicentiu Zorzolan in the simultaneous step sale, in coordination with his partner Octavian Radu, of the shares held in the companies Sistec Next Docs and Sistec Confidential. These two companies are the leaders on the Romanian market of integrated services for electronic archiving, document management and secure document destruction.

Listing of the State-owned Company Hidroelectrica

The new Romanian Government, appointed in November 2019, plans to sell part of the shares in the state-owned company Hidroelectrica.

Listing of the State-owned Company Bucharest Airports National Company

he new Romanian Government, appointed in November 2019, plans to sell part of the shares in the state-owned Bucharest Airports National Company.

Listing of the State-owned CEC Bank

The new Romanian Government, appointed in November 2019, plans to sell part of the shares in the state-owned CEC Bank. CEC Bank is the seventh largest bank in Romania and has the largest territorial network, with over 1.000 units in the country and has a market share of 6.5%.