The EU Opens the Accession Negotiations with North Macedonia

The long-awaited, positive news came from the General Affairs Council of the EU, who gave green light to open the EU accession negotiations with North Macedonia.

A Natural Gas Distribution Network to be Constructed in the Republic of North Macedonia

The Ministry of Economy of the Republic of North Macedonia announced a public call for awarding a contract for establishing a public-private partnership for financing, designing, building, managing and developing a natural gas distribution system in the Republic of North Macedonia.

AD ESM Announced a Public Call for the Construction of 100 MW Photovoltaic Power Plants

AD ESM announced a public call for the construction of 100 MW photovoltaic power plants which are located on the site of the depleted coal mine of REK Oslomej, through a public-private partnership, i.e. two 50 MW power plants.

Municipal Services’ Project

The project is established to finance activities related to water supply, solid waste management, and other revenue-generating or cost-saving investments.

Clinical Hospital Stip

A new clinical hospital in Stip in a total area of 34,000 square metres is envisaged as a most modern facility in the country, which will be built according to all global standards and where 200 thousand patients from the eastern and southeast region of North Macedonia will be treated. 

Distribution of Heat Energy

The City of Skopje submitted a Request for Licence for Distribution of Heat Energy to the Regulatory Commission on 14 November 2019. In addition to the Application for Licence for Distribution of Heat Energy, documentation has been submitted confirming that AD GES-SKOPJE is the only legal entity that has established a permanent right to use immovable property-line infrastructure facilities, energy infrastructure-hot water pipelines in the ownership of the Republic of North Macedonia located on the territory of the City of Skopje.

Railway Infrastructure

The government will invest in the modernisation of railway infrastructure and renewal of the rolling stock, such as the construction of a new railway line from Beljakovce via Kriva Palanka.

An Integration of Ohridska banka with Sparkasse Bank Macedonia

Steiermarkische Bank and Sparkassen AG officially became the new owner of Ohridska Banka AD Skopje. Both banks will function as separate legal entities on the market. The integration of Ohridska banka with Sparkasse Bank Macedonia is expected to happen in the second quarter of 2021.

South Vardar Valley Project

Negotiations are underway to launch the third phase of the South Vardar Valley project, which will irrigate an additional 1,700 hectares.

Start-up Investment

A start-up in electronic (smart) vests is looking for an investor.

Bus Rapid Transit in Skopje

Being announced as an essential infrastructure project at the end of 2018, in August 2019 the Mayor of Skopje presented three project solutions for the building of the first tram line in the City of Skopje in length of approximetely 15 kilometers.

Development Bank of North Macedonia

The Development Bank of North Macedonia (DBNM) will be subjected to recapitalisation in view of increasing its credit support and its capacity to implement sound guarantee schemes.