The New VBER and How It Affects the Assessment of Vertical Agreements in Candidate Countries

July 2022, BDK Advokati The European Commission adopted in May 2022 a new Vertical Block Exemption Regulation (VBER) and new Vertical Guidelines (Guidelines), effective as of 1 June 2022 and valid until 31 May 2034. The new VBER applies to all agreements concluded on or after 1 June 2022. The agreements which were in force as of 31 May 2022 and enjoyed under old VBER an exemption from the prohibition which is no longer available under the new VBER, will continue to be covered by the exemption until 31 May 2023. VBER provides a safe harbour for agreements between suppliers and customers which…

Montenegro – Soon to Become a Destination for Digital Nomads?

May 2022  Author: Jelena Brajkovic, BDK Advokati  On 18 May 2022, a group of MP’s proposed amendments to the Foreigners’ Act to introduce the possibility of obtaining a temporary residence permit for digital nomads. The parliamentary debate on the amendments is expected to start at the beginning of June 2022. The amendments are designed to attract foreigners from IT and other mobile sectors to Montenegro. Digital nomads The proposed amendments to the Foreigners’ Act define digital nomads as foreign individuals (whether they are registered as entrepreneurs or not) who provide Montenegro…

EPCG to Build its First Gas-Fired Facilities

January 2022 EPCG is planning to build the first gas-fired power plants in Montenegro. The company has issued a public call for a study for the development of technical solutions and a preliminary feasibility study for gas power plants.  

Montenegrin Tax Reform “Europe Now”

January 2022 Author: Jelena Brajkovic, BDK Advokati The Montenegrin Parliament adopted at the end of 2021 a set of legislative changes concerning taxation, in the Labour Act, Mandatory Social Security Act, Personal Income Tax Act, and Corporate Income Tax Act. The new regime applies from 1 January 2022. Personal income Employment The announced reform’s key goal was to increase the average salary in Montenegro. This was achieved through: (i) increasing minimum monthly wage for full-time work from net EUR 222 to net EUR 450, (ii) abolishing mandatory contributions for health insurance, and…

Innovation Incentives in Montenegro

December 2021 Authors: Luka Popovic, Marija Ksenija Popovic Montenegro has specific tax rules applicable to innovative companies, within the framework of the  Innovation Activity Act (Zakon o inovacionoj djelatnosti), the Act on Incentives for Research and Innovation Development (Zakon o podsticajnim mjerama za razvoj istraživanja i inovacija), and implementing rulebooks, the key ones being the Rulebook on Registry of Innovation Activity (Pravilnik o registru inovacione djelatnosti) and the Rulebook on Closer Conditions for Acquiring the Status of the Beneficiary of Incentive Measures for Development…
November 2021 BDK Advokati contributed to the 2021 edition of the Chambers’ Global Practice Guide on gaming law. The authors of the Montenegrin chapter are Luka Popović, partner, and Stefan Đurović, junior associate in BDK Advokati Montenegro. The chapter provides a detailed overview of the permitted online and land-based types of games of chance in Montenegro, licensing conditions and procedures, license fees payable by operators, and other relevant aspects of the Montenegrin regulatory regime for the gaming industry. The Montenegro chapter of the Chambers Gaming Law 2021 guide can…

eSports in Serbia and Montenegro: Selected Legal Issues

October 2021 eSports is a fast-growing segment of the larger industry of video gaming, and with the ever-increasing viewership base, it threatens to surpass the popularity of traditional sports. There are various stakeholders involved, like game developers and publishers, event organisers, leagues, teams, players, streamers, and sponsors, and there is a multitude of legal matters to be considered when engaging with the industry. It is also reasonable to expect that the growing popularity will eventually lead to the regulation of the industry, similarly to its traditional counterpart. To the…

Building of a Floating Solar Power Plant On Slano Lake in Niksic

September 2021 Determined to invest predominantly in the development of green energy, State power utility, Elektroprivreda Crne Gore (EPCG), plans to build a floating solar power plant on Slano Lake in Nikšić, in cooperation with credible partners. Slano Lake is an artificial accumulation in the western part of Nikšićko Polje, built in the middle of the last century for the needs of the hydropower system "Perućica". It covers an area of 8.89 km2. It is up to 4.4 kilometers long and 18 meters deep. 

Kumbor Bridge to Be Constructed

September 2021 Monteput will soon start developing technical documentation for the Adriatic—Ionian road that will include the bridge over the Straits of Verige in the protected zone of the Bay of Kotor or between Kumbor and the Lustica peninsula.   

Tender for the Award of Concession for Two Montenegrin Airports

September 2021 On 25 November 2019, the following companies expressed their interest. The total deal value is up to EUR 300 million. Four companies, out of seven initially applied, have been shortlisted for the second round of the tendering procedure: Incheon International Airport Corporation from South Korea; GMR from India; Groupe ADP with TAV; Corporacion America Airports from Luxemburg. GMR has been eliminated from the process in the meantime because ADP recently acquired a 49% share in GMR. The entire tendering procedure has been delayed several times until now. The latest…

Luka Popovic Elected as AmCham Montenegro Board Member

BDK Advokati’s partner Luka Popovic was elected a member of the board of governors of AmCham Montenegro on its General Assembly held on 20 July 2021. BDK Advokati has been a long time AmCham member and an active participant in its sectoral committees. Luka’s election reconfirms the firm’s commitment to contribute to AmCham and to pursue its goal of creating a better business environment in Montenegro. SEE Legal Group congratulates the newly-elected board members and wishes them success.

Tendering procedure for Velje Brdo Solar Power Plant

Montenegro intends to launch a tendering procedure for the construction of a solar power plant in Velje Brdo in the capital of Podgorica. The originally planned capacity of 50 MW could be increased to 150 MW or even 300 MW. According to earlier local media reports, Germany’s S&Z Energie Systeme was involved in the initial phase of the project. The estimated value of the investment was EUR 75 million.