Tender for the Award of Concession for Two Montenegrin Airports

On 25 November 2019, the following companies expressed their interest. The total deal value is up to EUR 300 million. Four companies, out of seven initially applied, have been shortlisted for the second round of the tendering procedure: Incheon International Airport Corporation from South Korea; GMR from India; Groupe ADP with TAV; Corporacion America Airports from Luxemburg. It is expected that either GMR or Groupe ADP with TAV will be eliminated from the process because ADP recently acquired a 49% share in GMR. The entire tendering procedure has been delayed several times until…

Data Protection in the Education Sector

BDK's senior associate Milica Basta participated in the International Symposium for Directors of Primary and Secondary Schools, organised by the publishing company Klett from Belgrade. The event took place on 27-29 February 2020 in Vrnjačka Banja, and gathered almost 400 school directors from Serbia and Montenegro.

Possible Exploitation of Oil in Montenegrin Sea Waters

Until now Russian consortium Eni-Novatek and Greek company Energean performed 3D scanning of ground in the Montenegrin seawaters and determined one location where drilling in search for oil will be performed in spring 2020. If oil is found, the Government of Montenegro may award concession for the exploitation of oil.

New Labour Act in Montenegro

New Montenegrin Labour Act introduces important changes to the regulation of employment.

BDK Promotions

BDK Advokati announces the promotion of Sasa Stojanovic to partner and Bisera Andrijasevic to senior associate.

BDK Advokati on Gaming Regulation in Montenegro

BDK Advokati contributed to the latest edition of Chambers and Partners Practical Guide on Gaming. The chapter offers a detailed account of the licensing and regulatory framework applicable to the gaming industry in Montenegro, such as the types, availability, duration of, and procedures to obtain, licenses.

Challenges with Enforcing International Contracts

BDK Advokati’s partner Luka Popovic spoke about challenges facing the private sector in enforcement of international contracts during a judicial workshop on enforcement of international sales contracts. The workshop was organised on 24-25 October by the U.S. Department of Commerce, Commercial Law Development Program (CLDP), and the U.S. Embassy in Montenegro. The workshop is part of CLDP’s technical assistance in Montenegro in the area of judicial capacity building, aimed to improve the legal environment for doing business.

Legislative Novelties in the Gaming Industry

Central and Eastern European Gaming Conference, held in September this year in Budapest, gathered a prominent group of stakeholders in the gaming sector to discuss the most recent business and legal developments in the industry across the European markets. BDK partner Luka Popovic spoke at the Balkans panel about legislative changes in the Montenegrin and Serbian gaming sectors.

Investments in Renewable Energy Projects

Besides projects for construction of windfarms Brajici and Gvozd and solar power plant near Ulcinj that are currently underway, no other renewable projects have been officially announced. However, due to recent decision of the Montenegrin Government not to invest in construction of the second block of thermal power plant Pljevlja, further investments in the renewable energy sector may be expected before 2030. One of the potential projects is construction of a solar power plant near Podgorica.

Condo Hotels in Montenegro

The condo-hotel concept was firstly introduced in the Tourism Act of 2010. It was further refined in the 2018 Tourism and Hospitality Act. The main feature of the condo hotel is that, unlike in traditional hotels, the accommodation units (i.e. apartments) within the condo hotel are sellable as individual units – one can own an individual accommodation unit within a hotel. Under the 2010 legislation, the concept of condo hotels was under-regulated as the law merely provided for a definition of the condo hotel, recognizing it as a special hotel type, and introduced the possibility of ownership over the hotel’s individual units. The new 2018 legislation is more detailed. It recognizes separate notions of “condo business model” and “mixed business model”. To qualify for either status, a hotel must be in operation throughout the year and must either have a minimum five-star rating and be located in the coastal region or in the capital Podgorica or have a minimum four-star rating and be located in the northern and central region excluding Podgorica.

Privatisation of Elektropriveda Crne Gore a.d.

The Government of Montenegro, as a majority shareholder, plans to seek a strategic partner in Elektroprivreda Crne Gore a.d. Elektroprivreda Crne Gore a.d. is the main electricity supplier in Montenegro that is currently 80% owned by the Government of Montenegro and 20% by Italian A2A. The plan of the Government is to acquire the remaining 20% from A2A before seeking a strategic partner that can contribute to the company's profit increase. The Government has not yet selected a strategic partner and no price for the sale of any shares has been disclosed. According to Economy Minister Dragica Sekulic,…

Concession of Aerodromi Crne Gore A.D

The Government of Montenegro, as 100% shareholder, has announced its intention to offer Aerodromi Crna Gora a.d. for concession. Aerodromi Crna Gora a.d. operates the two main Montenegrin airports in Podgorica and Tivat and is the only airport service provider in the country. The Government of Montenegro has not yet engaged with an advisor for the concession and is yet to officially decide on the final draft of the concession act. The concession fee has not been officially disclosed, but according to unofficial announcements, the future concessionaire should make an upfront payment of EUR 100…