New Shopping Centre in Labin, Istria

February 2023 More than a year ago, the company Retail Park Hrvatska d.o.o. bought a piece of real estate property in Labin with the aim of building a smaller shopping center which will form a common entity with the existing Spar store. Obtaining a construction permit is still in the process, so the investors hope that work on the future Retail Park Labin shopping centre could begin soon. The investor is the company Retail Park Hrvatska d.o.o. with the support of the partner company Inceptum Sport d.o.o. and investment fund Maverick Wealth Management. They plan to invest more than EUR 5 million…

New Shopping Centre in Vinkovci

January 2023 The city of Vinkovci will get a new shopping center in 2023 – a Stop Shop complex, that should be completed by the spring of 2024. Stop Shop is a brand of the company Immofinanz and consists of retail parks in Central and Eastern Europe. The Stop Shop in Vinkovci will be constructed next to the bypass in Novi Selo, and it will cover an area of ​​10,300 m2. The designer is Studio Parallel d.o.o. from Zagreb, the contractor is the company Radnik D.D. from Krizevci, and the company Metrion Projekt d.o.o. is responsible for expert supervision. The complex itself should have a total…

EBRD Lends EUR 43 Million to Taaleri-ENCRO JV for Two Wind Farms in Croatia

January 2023 The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) is helping to speed up Croatia’s transition to clean energy by helping to finance the construction of two new wind farms. The bank is extending a EUR 43 million loan to Kunovac d.o.o., a limited liability company jointly owned by Taaleri Energia’s SolarWind II Funds and ENCRO Kunovac d.o.o., for the first utility-scale renewable project in Croatia developed outside of a renewables subsidy scheme. The EBRD proceeds will finance the construction and operation of two onshore windfarms in the Zadar region, with a joint…

Improvement of Water Utility Infrastructure Near the City of Rijeka

January 2023 Construction works with regards to the improvement of water utility infrastructure project in the area of ​​the Rijeka agglomeration, worth almost EUR 300 million will soon begin. The project aims to improve water and communal services in the area of ​​the Rijeka agglomeration, and it includes the construction and optimization of the water supply and drainage system, whereby about 217 km of sewage system and about one hundred km of water supply system will be built, along with 125 pumping stations and a new wastewater treatment plant.

Investments in Renewable Energy Sources

January 2023 The investment in the design and construction of the two power plants amounted to EUR 389,000, of which 40% was co-financed by the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund, was announced in January 2023. HEP Proizvodnja put into permanent operation an integrated solar power plant with a power of 215 kW, installed on facilities in the area of ​​the Sisak Thermal Power Plant (TE-TO Sisak), and preparations are underway for the trial operation of an integrated solar power plant with a power of 200 kW in the Thermal Power Plant Osijek (TE-TO Osijek).

Nemetin Industrial Zone

January 2023 The construction of a factory, in an area of ​​about 170,000 m2, for the production of medical prosthetic parts, microchips and motherboards for the auto industry is planned in Osijek's Nemetin Industrial Zone. The factory is expected to employ around 1,700 workers. In addition to the construction of the building, other supporting facilities are also planned.

Investments in Zadar Airport

January 2023 The Zadar Airport is preparing for the growth of traffic with an investment of EUR 2.2 million in the renovation of additional annexes of the passenger terminal and the extension of the runway. It is a capital investment with extensive works at that airport, which had more than one million passengers in 2022, and the plans and announcements for 2023 are significally higher.

5G Network Development

January 2023 Investments in development of the 5G network in Croatia in the next few years are expected to bring more than USD $1.4 billion/EUR 1.3 billion value added to the country's economy. The annual net benefit from investments in 5G is estimated at 1.72% of GDP, according to a report on the effects of the development of the 5G network on the economy.

Rimac Automobili Research and Development Campus

January 2023 In Sveta Nedelja, near Zagreb, the realization of the production and research and development campus of Rimac Automobili, worth more than HRK 1.5 billion (approx. EUR 195 million), is to be completed in 2023. The complex will be a base for research, development and production, thus enabling companies to grow from the production of prototypes and projects in smaller series to the mass production of high-performance electric powertrains and battery systems for numerous global automotive companies. The campus, which at its peak should employ 2,500 people, will be located near its current…

New Shopping Centre in Pazin, Istria

January 2023 The City Council of Pazin approved an agreement on mutual rights and obligations related to the construction of a traffic connection to the investor, the company Stop Shop Development from Zagreb, which should build the first large shopping center in the city of Pazin in Istria. In addition to the road, the investor will build a sidewalk, public lighting, storm drainage, green areas and other necessary facilities. The estimated value of the total costs of construction of communal infrastructure according to the main project and the bill of costs amounts to EUR 133,000.

Purchase of a Windfarm Project in Udbina

January 2023 Greece's EuroEnergy, as a renewable energy subsidiary of the Libra Group with assets and business operations in the European Union, has announced that it will purchase a 114 MW wind farm project in Udbina. Representing a total investment of EUR 150 million, the project will expand EuroEnergy's European presence in order to exploit the potential of the growing renewable energy sector in Croatia. It is significant that the acquisition represents one of the first investments in clean energy in the country since it became a member of the eurozone in January 2023.

Expansion of the Prague Pier in the Port of Rijeka

January 2023 The companies Rijekaprojekt from Rijeka and OpusGEO from Zagreb will prepare all the necessary technical documentation and will carry out all the administrative procedures necessary for obtaining construction permits for the expansion of the Prague Pier. The Port Authority of Rijeka signed an Agreement on the preparation of study-project documentation for the expansion of the Prague Pier with a consortium that includes Rijekaprojekt and OpusGEO. The contract is worth EUR 2.46 million and it includes the preparation of all necessary technical documentation and the implementation of…