Maric & Co Law Firm Successfully Represented Former Employees of Aluminij d.d. Mostar in an Ethnic Discrimination Case

Ezmana Turkovic, partner at Maric & Co Law Firm, has represented former employees of Aluminij d.d. Mostar in an ethnic discrimination case against Aluminij d.d. Mostar and the Government of the Federation of B&H. Ezmana won the case, so the employees were entitled to total damage compensation in the amount of cca. BAM 1 million. One month after Aluminij d.d. Mostar has shut down operations due to debts, the case attracted again the public attention.

Maric & Co Law Firm: Establishing Court Practice

Branko Maric, senior partner at Maric & Co Law Firm, has represented Intesa Sanpaolo Bank d.d. Bosnia and Herzegovina in a court dispute against the Agency for Privatisation of Sarajevo Canton and the Sarajevo Canton, due to a refund of the purchase price for cancelled privatisation process. It was not a challenge to convince the court on the Agency’s obligation to repay the purchase price, however, that would not be of great value for the client because the Agency did not have its own resources to settle the claim.

A Successful Notification of Concentration by Maric & Co Law Firm

Dzana Smailagic-Hromic and Ezmana Turkovic, partners at Maric & Co Law Firm have successfully prepared a joint notification of concentration between LG Electronics Inc, Seoul, South Korea and their client Lufthansa Technik AG, Hamburg, Germany and filed it to the Bosnian Competition Council. The Bosnian Competition Council has decided that the concentration is compatible with the market.

A New Law on Economic Incentives in Republic of Srpska

As of 1 July 2019, employers from the Republic of Srpska who increase salaries to their employees shall receive a refund of 30 % or 70 % of contributions/money paid for this increase. This has been regulated with the new Law on Economic Incentives in the Republic of Srpska. The idea was to reduce the amount of taxes and contributions paid by employers when they increase the salary to employees, and to attract new investments in the Republic of Srpska.

A Successful Appeal by Maric & Co Law Firm

Ezmana Turkovic, Partner, and Branko Maric, Senior Partner at Maric & Co Law Firm have successfully represented one of the biggest local microcredit foundation in a tax matter before the appellate court. Based on their appeal, the appellate court has reversed the decision of the lower court and annulled the tax authority’s decision to impose additional tax obligations to the client with penal interest. This decision of the appellate court is important because it establishes the court's practice with regards to the taxation of microcredit foundations in Bosnia and Herzegovina's jurisdiction. Moreover, such decisions (where the appellate court decides to reverse a case and provide the final directive on solving the matter) are very rare and of a great value from the procedural point of view.

Ending the Exclusive Competences of the Notary in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Constitutional Court of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina ("the Court") has ruled that certain provisions of the five local laws are contrary to the Constitution of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The critical provisions have exclusively authorised notaries in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina to regulate certain private law relations, such as the establishment of companies, purchase of real estates, establishing a mortgage, inheritance contract, prenuptial agreement. The Court is of the opinion that these legal actions should not be the exclusive competence of the notaries, which means that other qualified individuals (including lawyers) may perform them.

Branko Maric Interviewed by the Regional Business Portal eKapija

Branko Maric, Managing Partner at Maric & Co, gave a very interesting interview to the regional business portal eKapija. He spoke about his 48-year career, the complexity of Bosnia and Herzegovina's political and legal system, the young generation, the values of the profession, and his inspiration and motivation throughout these years. The full interview is available here.

Corridor Vc Phase 3 Project

An EBRD and EIB funded project that has a total estimated cost of EUR 235 million for the construction of priority motorway sections along the international transport Corridor Vc. 

Elektrokrajina Power Distribution Project

An EBRD funded project aimed at reduction of losses through the installation of new equipment and improvement in the quality of supply with the reconstruction of networks in the most populated areas. The project has a total estimated cost up to EUR 15 million.The project has a total estimated cost up to EUR 15 million.

Telecommunications Project in BiH

An EBRD funded project for the modernisation and upgrading of the telecommunications system of Elektroprijenos BiH, the Power Transmission Operator in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This project is important for the ongoing process of regional market integration and leads to improvements in cross-border trade and allocation of power transmission capacity. The total estimated costs of the project are around EUR 23.6 million.

Bosnia and Herzegovina Removed from the AML List

Bosnia and Herzegovina is no longer on the European Commission's list of weak anti-money laundering and terrorist financing regimes. According to EU Commission's report from 13 February 2019, Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of countries that has recently taken a number of measures in order to reinforce the AML/CFT regime, so it does not have strategic deficiencies with regards to this regime.

Maric & Co Law Firm - Leader in Legal Services in Bosnia and Herzegovina for the Year 2017

Maric & Co Law Firm was awarded "First Place in the Industrial Branch of Legal Services in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2017". This award, having a leading position in the category of legal services in Bosnia and Herzegovina, was a result of the analysis of Bosnia and Herzegovina's market performed by the "Poslovne novine" within the project "100 largest in Bosnia and Herzegovina". The aim of this project is to promote the most successful economic entities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, based on the results of their business activities.