Serbia Relaxes the Procedures for Employment of Foreigners

Modern business transcends national borders and increasing workforce mobility is a natural consequence. While the conditions for working in Serbia remain the same, the recently adopted amendments to two Serbian statutes regulating employment of foreigners make the procedures applicable to obtaining work permits in Serbia easier.

P&O Ports Acquires Luka Novi Sad

BDK Advokati represented P&O ports from Dubai in the acquisition of port Luka Novi Sad. The value of the transaction is EUR 23 million. The acquisition and investments to be made should help Luka Novi Sad to recover its devastated infrastructure and reach its full capacity of two and a half million tons of cargo loading and discharging per year. BDK Advokati’s team was led by senior partner Vladimir Dasic and also involved senior associate Tomislav Popovic on the corporate and M&A side, and associate Mladen Vujic on merger control filing.

John Kyriakides Interviewed by The Legal 500

KG Law Firm is pleased to share with you an interesting interview conducted with the KG Law Firm's co-managing partner, John Kyriakides, published in The Legal 500. Fierce competition and increased client demands have led to the Greek law industry to be even more effective, efficient, innovative and agile. John Kyriakides, in his interview, discusses not only the various opportunities that the Greek law firms experience but also mentions significant challenges they may face. In particular, he explains how KG Law Firm is standing today, providing key points of how the company achieves a competitive advantage compared to the rivals.

Kyriakides Georgopoulos Law Firm is a Proud Sponsor of 4th WIB Dialogue Series

Kyriakides Georgopoulos Law Firm is proud to sponsor the 4th WIB Dialogue Series, organised by the American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce.  This event will be hosted on 3 June 2019 at Hilton Athens Hotel – Galaxy Room. Several professionals will be there to share and discuss stories, ideas, and experiences about adversity and failure, as well as ways to find the pathway to success and strengthened future perseverance. Attending this event will be a great opportunity to develop your personal and professional skills through networking, education and providing strategies for success.

KG Law Firm’s IP Team Presents the New EU Directive on Copyright

On 26 March 2019 the EU Parliament approved the new 'Directive on copyright in the digital single market'. The proposed Directive seeks to govern on a level playing field the use of copyright material on the internet. Normally this would be a technical affair, but the Directive has drawn more controversy than any other Directive in the EU history between internet freedom activists, speaking for freeloading, and those being in favor of a high level of copyright protection.

BOYANOV & Co. and KALO & ASSOCIATES Completed the Deal for the Acquisition of Telekom Albania

BOYANOV & Co. and KALO & ASSOCIATES, members of SEE Legal, advised Albania Telecom Invest (ATI), a joint venture of the businessmen Mr. Spas Roussev and Mr. Elvin Guri, on the acquisition of Telekom Albania from Cosmote, Greece (part of the Deutsche Telekom Group). BOYANOV & Co. advised ATI on the entire deal – participation in a sales auction, legal due diligence, negotiation of the sale and purchase agreement, escrow agreement and set of other transaction documents, as well as negotiation of the financing for the deal from First Investment Bank. BOYANOV & Co. worked in close cooperation with KALO & ASSOCIATES, Tirana who advised the buyer on Albanian law related matters. The deal was completed on 7 May 2019.

Polenak Law Firm Promotions in 2019

Polenak Law Firm is pleased to announce the promotion of Tatjana Shishkovska, Aleksandar Dimic and Metodija Velkov to the position of partners as of 1 May 2019. Tatjana will continue leading the firm’s corporate work and will co-head the M&A, banking and finance department together with Kristijan Polenak.  Aleksandar will continue as head of Polenak law firm’s real estate work and will be leading the litigation department, and Metodija will be heading the competition, regulatory and compliance work. The great potential of Polenak law firm’s colleagues, exemplified over the last five years as junior partners, has been recognized, and SEE Legal Group congratulates them on this achievement.

Condo Hotels in Montenegro

The condo-hotel concept was firstly introduced in the Tourism Act of 2010. It was further refined in the 2018 Tourism and Hospitality Act. The main feature of the condo hotel is that, unlike in traditional hotels, the accommodation units (i.e. apartments) within the condo hotel are sellable as individual units – one can own an individual accommodation unit within a hotel. Under the 2010 legislation, the concept of condo hotels was under-regulated as the law merely provided for a definition of the condo hotel, recognizing it as a special hotel type, and introduced the possibility of ownership over the hotel’s individual units. The new 2018 legislation is more detailed. It recognizes separate notions of “condo business model” and “mixed business model”. To qualify for either status, a hotel must be in operation throughout the year and must either have a minimum five-star rating and be located in the coastal region or in the capital Podgorica or have a minimum four-star rating and be located in the northern and central region excluding Podgorica.

Ending the Exclusive Competences of the Notary in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Constitutional Court of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina ("the Court") has ruled that certain provisions of the five local laws are contrary to the Constitution of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The critical provisions have exclusively authorised notaries in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina to regulate certain private law relations, such as the establishment of companies, purchase of real estates, establishing a mortgage, inheritance contract, prenuptial agreement. The Court is of the opinion that these legal actions should not be the exclusive competence of the notaries, which means that other qualified individuals (including lawyers) may perform them.

The Regulatory Authority for Energy Procures the 2019 Technology Specific Tendering Processes for Photovoltaic Plants and Wind Parks

KG Law Firm issued its latest Energy News Flash discussing the 2019 Technology Specific Tendering Processes for Photovoltaic Plants and Wind Parks.

Branko Maric Interviewed by the Regional Business Portal eKapija

Branko Maric, Managing Partner at Maric & Co, gave a very interesting interview to the regional business portal eKapija. He spoke about his 48-year career, the complexity of Bosnia and Herzegovina's political and legal system, the young generation, the values of the profession, and his inspiration and motivation throughout these years. The full interview is available here.

KG Law Firm Supported the 15th Annual Athens Tax Forum

Kyriakides Georgopoulos Law Firm proudly announces its participation as a Supporter of the 15th Annual Athens Tax Forum on 16 April 2019. The event was organised by the American Hellenic Chamber of Commerce and was held at Athenaeum Intercontinental Hotel. Panagiotis Pothos, Head of KG Law Firm's Tax Practice, delivered a presentation titled From the law of necessity to the regularity of the law – jurisprudential trends during the crisis.