VIVACOM is for Sale

Bulgarian Telecommunication Company EAD (BTC) is a Bulgarian telecommunication operator known by the trademark VIVACOM. VIVACOM owns the best developed network in Bulgaria and is a leader in the provision of modern telecommunication services. The company is the only telecom operator in the country that provides converged solutions through terrestrial, copper and satellite infrastructure, a mobile network and public internet. VIVACOM maintains the only networked international networking center in Bulgaria, the network management center and the largest real-time data storage and booking center.

The Badel Block Project in Zagreb

The City of Zagreb launches a Call for expression of interest to investors in relation to the participation in the development and realisation of the Badel Block Project in Zagreb. The Badel Block project is in the area bordered by the Vlacka, Šubiceva, Marticeva and Derencinova streets in Zagreb, whose surface is around 30,000 m². The purpose of the project is to render the Badel Block area a new identity highlight of the city district in question and the centre of significant business, tourist, hospitality and cultural, and artistic events, and a location providing a high quality of life to its current and future residents. The expected value of this investment is about HRK 750 million (approx. EUR 100 million).

Privatisation of Elektropriveda Crne Gore a.d.

The Government of Montenegro, as a majority shareholder, plans to seek a strategic partner in Elektroprivreda Crne Gore a.d. Elektroprivreda Crne Gore a.d. is the main electricity supplier in Montenegro that is currently 80% owned by the Government of Montenegro and 20% by Italian A2A. The plan of the Government is to acquire the remaining 20% from A2A before seeking a strategic partner that can contribute to the company's profit increase. The Government has not yet selected a strategic partner and no price for the sale of any shares has been disclosed. According to Economy Minister Dragica Sekulic,…

Gorenje Announces Sale of Serbian Subsidiary Gorenje Tiki

Gorenje, the major Slovenian household appliance manufacturer, announced that in the coming weeks, it will publish a call for bids for its Serbian subsidiary Gorenje Tiki, a small water heater manufacturer. Gorenje also intends to sell the Tiki brand along with the subsidiary. Gorenje Tiki is the fourth largest water heater manufacturer in Europe. Ninety percent of its products are exported to 34 countries across the globe, primarily to Germany, Austria, Croatia, and Russia. The Serbian market is the third largest and Gorenje Tiki's market share there is 40 percent. Gorenje opened the Serbian…

Sale of Lasta a.d.

The Republic of Serbia has announced its intention to privatise Lasta a.d. by selling the state share of 77%. Lasta a.d. is one of the major companies in the transportation sector with a great fleet of coaches for transportation of passengers on local and international lines. The Republic of Serbia contracted BDO Business Advisory Belgrade as a privatisation consultant which finalised its report at the beginning of April 2019. The tender for the sale should take place by June. The minimum price for the sale is unknown, while BDO estimated the value of Lasta a.d. in a range between EUR 16 million…

Sale of Petrohemija a.d.

The Republic of Serbia has announced its intention to sell 62% of its share in Petrohemija a.d. in 2019. Petrohemija a.d. is the largest petrochemical company in Serbia. The Republic of Serbia is yet to select a privatisation advisor. The minimum price for the sale has not been set and the estimated price of the company is unknown. Gazpromneft has been mentioned as the most serious contender for the purchase of Petrohemija a.d., but lately, companies from Poland and China also expressed interest for the purchase.

Sale of Komercijalna Banka a.d.

The Republic of Serbia has announced a tender sale of the majority share of Komercijalna Banka.  Komercijalna Banka is among the top five banks in Serbia with approximately 11% of the market share. The Republic of Serbia has engaged with consortium Lazard, KPMG, and Prica and partners that should analyse the bank's business and advise with the selection of a potential buyer. Their work should be finalised by May 2019 when the tender for the sale should be scheduled. The tender is expected to take place in May-June 2019. The minimum price for the sale is unknown. According to publicly disclosed…

TAB Looking for a Buyer Again

According to the Finance newspaper, Nova Ljubljanska Banka is checking for interest for the successful Slovenian battery manufacturer Tovarna Akumulatorskih Baterij (TAB) again. It is not known to what which potential buyers the prospectus has been sent.

Deals in the Pipeline in Turkey

With the decline in the Turkish lira and the economic distress the country is facing, the Minister of Treasury of Finance, Berat Albayrak had previously announced that within the new economic program of Turkey that Turkey would not be partaking in new projects funded by the government. However, there are some projects announced prior to this.

Upcoming Tender for a New Operator of Maribor Airport

In January 2019, the Slovenian airport operator Aerodrom Maribor, owned by the Chinese-controlled SHS Aviation, announced the unilateral termination of its concession deal for the Edvard Rusjan Maribor Airport. SHS Aviation, the Chinese-controlled company bought Aerodrom Maribor at the end of 2016 for EUR 7 million and signed a 15-year concession contract with the state in early 2017, committing to pay a monthly concession fee in the amount of EUR 100.000. The contract will cease to be valid after a six-month notice period, i.e. on 15 July 2019. The Slovenian Ministry for Infrastructure is expected…

Central European Media Enterprises Ltd. to Explore Potential Strategic Alternatives for the Company

Central European Media Enterprises Ltd. (“CME”) (NASDAQ/Prague Stock Exchange: CETV) announced on 25 March 2019 that its Board of Directors, working together with its management team and legal and financial advisors, has commenced a process to explore and evaluate potential strategic alternatives for the Company focused on maximizing shareholder value. The Board of Directors has formed a Special Committee comprised of independent directors to lead the process of reviewing the various strategic alternatives available. These may include, among other things, the sale of part or all of the Company, a merger with another strategic partner, a recapitalization, or continuing to execute on CME’s long-term business plan. AT&T Inc., CME’s largest shareholder, supports CME’s plan to review strategic alternatives.

A Concession Procedure for Sofia Civil Airport

A concession procedure for the Sofia Civil Airport has been announced on 2 July 2018 by the Minister of Transport of the Republic of Bulgaria for designation of a concessionaire and award of a concession for the construction of Civil Public Airport Sofia, which is public state property. The announced concession has an estimated value of approximately EUR 3.9 billion excluding VAT. The term of the concession is 35 years. The concessionaire shall pay the initial concession remuneration that amounts to EUR 281 million excluding VAT. The minimum investment requirement amounts to EUR 600 million for the term of the concession. There is also a requirement for the Concessionaire to build a third terminal within the first 10 years. Currently, the deadline for investors to submit their offers is 11 April 2019. The last extension was required because of changes in the Bulgarian Concessions Act. Amendments to the law ensure wider competition in the procedure. The amendments clarify the texts on a joint liability, the way of settling disputes between the parties and the grounds for invalidity of the Concession agreement.