Development of Corridor 11 and Šumadija Corridor

Corridor 11 should connect central and western Serbia with the Montenegrin border. A good part of the corridor from Belgrade to Čačak has been finalised but it is unclear when the development of project documentation for the remaining part will be initiated. Šumadija corridor should connect the two existing Corridors 10 and 11. The road should spread between central and eastern Serbia. It is also unclear when the development of project documentation will be initiated.

Construction of Bypassing of Urban Areas for Road Transport in the City of Burgas

The Roads Infrastructure Agency under the Bulgarian Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works has launched a tender procedure for the selection of a contractor for the construction of bypassing road of urban areas in the city of Burgas, with 4.7 km length.

HCC RunDown 2019

The Hellenic Competition Commission’s (HCC’s) investigatory activity during 2019 was marked by the biggest Dawn Raid carried out to date by HCC’s officials in the banking sector. HCC officials carried out successive unannounced ex officio investigations at the premises of a number of banks and banking associations triggered by complaints filed by market players supporting that the four systemic banks under investigation are alleged to have been involved in anti-competitive horizontal agreements in the provision of banking and payment services.

KG Law Firm Represented HSBC

Kyriakides Georgopoulos Law Firm represented HSBC as sponsor and listing agent in the tender offer launched by Titan Cement International S.A. to acquire the shares of Titan S.A. leading to a successful relisting of the Titan Group to Euronext Brussels, Athens Exchange, and Euronext Paris. This was a highly innovative and complex process which kept KG’s team busy for more than 12 months, proving its high expertise in domestic and international capital markets and finance transactions.

Polenak Law Firm Advises EBRD

Polenak Law Firm advised EBRD in a loan transaction of EUR 5 million to Aktiva, including transaction advice and security documentation.

The Second Railway Track from Divaca to the Port of Koper

he Divaca-Koper section is an integral part of the Trans-European Transport Network ("TEN-T network").  In accordance with EU Regulation No. 1316/2013, the territory of the Republic of Slovenia is crossed by two corridors of the core network, an integral part of which is also the Divaca–Koper line: the Baltic Adriatic corridor in the direction (Graz)–Šentilj–Maribor–Ljubljana–Koper/Trieste, and the Mediterranean corridor in the direction (Venice)–Trieste/Koper–Ljubljana–Pragersko–Hodoš–(Budapest). The importance of the Divaca-Koper line is most evident in international railway freight transport, which is understandable given the role of the Port of Koper in linking the hinterland Slovenian and European economies with countries overseas.

Mandatory Licensing for all Construction and Designing Companies in Serbia

Milan Dakic, Real estate and Construction Partner of BDK Advokati, introduces the latest amendments of the Planning and Construction Act in relation to the licenses required for various types of design or construction works: The latest amendments of the Planning and Construction Act,[1] effective as of 6 November 2018, introduce the requirement for all construction and designing companies (including solo entrepreneurships) to obtain licenses for various types of design/construction works until 6 November 2019. The licensing requirement that now applies across the board previously applied to…

Amendments in the Field of Construction and Infrastructure Projects

Razvan Vlad introduces the amendments in the field of construction and infrastructure projects in Romania: The beginning of 2018 has brought certain amendments in the field of construction and infrastructure projects in Romania, by means of a new enactment that strongly impacted the professional life of contractors, who were used to the FIDIC provisions up to that point. Government Decision no. 1/10.01.2018 ( “GD no. 1/2018”), which approved the general and special conditions for certain categories of public/sectorial procurement contracts related to publicly funded investment objectives…

Serbian Planning and Construction Act Further Revised to Promote Investments into Real Estate Development

The validity of local conditions, one of the initial and most important documents in the permitting process showing what investor can build on certain piece of land, is to be extended from one to two years. The deadline to commence work under construction permit is also to be extended from two to three years from the issuance of the permit, to allow more time for investors to raise funds. Although the proposed amendments are welcome, there is room for further improvement. Milan Dakic, partner at BDK Advokati, discussed the remaining pitfalls of the Planning and Construction Act in the June edition…