Possible Sale of Adriafin, Owner of Vinakoper

A compulsory settlement of Istrabenz Holding Company at the request of the Slovenian Bank Assets Management Company (BAMC) was approved last year. In this procedure, EUR 65 million of the company's total debt of EUR 75 million was turned into equity. Some of Istrabenz's smaller assets have been taken over by BAMC, while the remaining assets of the holding are expected to be sold gradually, and the holding then sent into liquidation or bankruptcy. The holding's investments include a half-share in Adriafin, which owns a 78% share in the Slovenian wine producer Vinakoper (the other large owner is…

Medical Cannabis

A family-owned local company is interested in finding a strategic co-investor in a medical cannabis production business. The local company holds a license for the cultivation of medical cannabis and operates on 60,000m2. The facility is part of a greenhouse complex covering 300,000m2, enabling expansion of the licence on the full greenhouse area.

NNDKP Assists a Syndicate of Banks in connection with a RON 84.5 million Financing Granted to Rodbun Group

NNDKP successfully assisted a syndicate of banks in connection with a RON 84.5 million (approximately EUR 17.2 million) financing granted to Rodbun Group, one of the leading agribusiness companies in Romania.

NNDKP Assisted a Syndicate of Banks in Providing a Loan to Carmistin Group

NNDKP successfully assisted a syndicate of banks in granting a EUR 90 million loan facility to the Carmistin Group, one of the main players on the agricultural and zootechnical market in Romania.

South Vardar Valley Project

Negotiations are underway to launch the third phase of the South Vardar Valley project, which will irrigate an additional 1,700 hectares.

NNDKP Assisted Norofert SA in Preparing its Private Placement

NNDKP assisted Norofert SA in preparing for the private placement ahead of the Group’s listing on the Bucharest Stock Exchange. NNDKP partners, Alina Radu and Corina Dumitru, led the NNDKP team, which consisted of associates Laura Duca and Claudia Lazar.

NNDKP Involved in a Contemplated Project on the Romanian Capital Markets

Norofert Group, the leading Romanian producer of organic agricultural products, announces its intention to list on the AeRO market of the Bucharest Stock Exchange in the second quarter of 2019.  This is an example of a project where clients benefit from the NNDKP and Cornerstone Communications alliance, with NNDKP assisting Norofert Group in preparing the corporate structure for listing as well as assuring the legal and tax audit, and Cornerstone Communications being the company’s investor relations adviser.

Sale of PKB Korporacija

The Republic of Serbia has announced the sale of PKB Korporacija. The target is one of the major companies in farming, agriculture and food production in Serbia. The Informative Memorandum is available on the website of the Ministry of Economy of Republic of Serbia: http://www.priv.rs/Javni-pozivi/12306/Javni-poziv-za-PKB-Korporaciju-ad-Padinska-Skela.shtml. The minimum price for the sale of 100% of the registered capital of PKB Korporacija is EUR 104.5 million. According to the Ministry of Economy, the estimated market price of the assets as of 31 December 2017 was EUR 208,463,139.86. The sale…