Package Travel Directive – COVID-19 Adjustments Strongly Needed

COVID-19 hit worldwide tourism at an unprecedented level. UNWTO estimated, as of March 2020, aggregate losses of up to USD 350-400 billion, which is one-third of the global turnover of tourism business.

Maric & Co Provide an Overview of the Measures Adopted in Relation to COVID-19

Maric & Co’s team discuss how the existing measures adopted in the context of the current situation generated by the coronavirus reflect on the movement of people and vehicles, air and road traffic, healthcare, data protection, trade ad hospitality, price control, workplace, banking and tax, courts and state administration, and real estate.

New Price Controls Provisions and HCC Investigation regarding Price Increases and Shortages in Healthcare Materials

By Legislative Act – Decree of 20 March 2020 (GG A’ 68/20.03.2020), the Greek State provides further measures in order to address abusive price speculation and shortages, in response to the coronavirus spreading risk.