The New Compliance Environment for Future Issuers of ‘Corona’ Bonds in Serbia

As a follow-up to the Decree on the Procedure for Issuance of Debt Securities, the Serbian Securities Commission has enacted amendments to the Regulation on Content of Application for Prospectus Publication Approval and Documentation Accompanying Application and the Regulation on Form and Minimal Content of Information to be Included in Prospectus, Basic Prospectus and Related Publications.

ECB Announces Package of Collateral Easing Measures as a Response to the Coronavirus Emergency

The Governing Council of the European Central Bank adopted an additional package of temporary collateral easing measures to facilitate the availability of eligible collateral for Eurosystem counterparties to participate in liquidity providing operations.

Emergency Rules on the Issuance of “Corona Bonds” in Serbia

The Government of Serbia adopted on 10 April 2020 the emergency Decree on the Procedure for Issue of Debt Securities (“Decree“), which provides for the simplification of the current regime regarding public offerings of debt securities by Serbian companies on the territory of Serbia.

Greece: Measures Implemented on National/EU Level in Regulated Markets due to the COVID-19 Pandemic

On national level: On 17 March 2020, the Hellenic Capital Market Commission (“HCMC”) decided to prohibit short sales and transactions other than short sales which create or increase the net short positions in shares admitted to trading on the regulated market of the Athens Exchange, irrespective of the venue where the transaction is executed, subject to certain exceptions. The temporary prohibition includes sales of shares covered by subsequent intraday purchases. The measure is also applicable to all related instruments relevant for the calculation of the net short position determined in…