State Guarantee Scheme as a Measure to Mitigate the Consequences of COVID-19 on the Serbian Economy

On 16 April 2020, the Government of the Republic of Serbia adopted a decree establishing a scheme for the issuance of unconditional, on-demand state guarantees to banks for working capital loans to Serbian corporates.

Emergency Rules on the Issuance of “Corona Bonds” in Serbia

The Government of Serbia adopted on 10 April 2020 the emergency Decree on the Procedure for Issue of Debt Securities (“Decree“), which provides for the simplification of the current regime regarding public offerings of debt securities by Serbian companies on the territory of Serbia.

Serbian Government Unveils the Details of COVID-19-related Fiscal and Direct Financial Aid to Corporate Sector

Serbian Government unveils the details of COVID-19-related fiscal and direct financial aid to the corporate sector. BDK Advokati’s partner Tijana Kojovic and attorney at law Jelena Malesevic provide the details.

Serbia: COVID-19 and Crime and Misdemeanours

Under the authority vested upon it by the state of emergency, the Government of Serbia has passed a number of bylaws with the aim of protecting public health in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak. One of them is disputable Decree on Misdemeanour for Violation of the Order of the Minister of the Interior on Restriction and Prohibition of Movement of Persons on the Territory of the Republic of Serbia.

Serbia: COVID-19 and Data Processing in the Workplace

The Serbian data protection authority has not issued any guidance on the processing of personal data in the workplace, during the coronavirus outbreak. Serbian employers who wish to know the boundaries of permissible data processing under the current circumstances are left with the task of identifying the limits wholly by themselves.

BDK Advokati on the First SHRC Online Event

First Serbian HR Community online event “Remote Teams” was held on 20 March 2020. The topic was remote work and the challenges that such work provides. HR executives of over 100 companies from various industries attended the event.