Responsible Person for Health at Work

Following the general and specific measures taken by the Albanian government to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, the State Labour and Social Services Inspectorate (the“Labour Inspectorate”) has published a notice on its webpage requesting that any business entity must submit to the Labour Inspectorate the personal identification information and licence number of the person responsible for health at work

How to Respond to COVID-19: Guidance to Employers

Considering the uncertainty that associates COVID-19, employers may want to consider all the options that might allow them cutting the employees’ related costs and retaining the quality and experienced staff.

COVID-19 and Force Majeure: A Comparative Analysis

Author: Josilda Ndreaj, KALO & ASSOCIATES COVID-19, the virus originated in Wuhan China, which is influencing the lifestyle of billions of people on earth, ruining the economy and killing many, is also creating room for discussion among the professional community worldwide. Many legal and financial experts are talking now about the immunity of legal relations governing the economic relations as well. Taking into consideration COVID-19’s measures taken by the Albanian Government many questions arise, mainly on the consequences of non-fulfillment (“breach”) of contractual obligations.…

Albanian Council of Ministers adopts the Decree-Law on Special Measures in the Judicial Activity during the Epidemic Period caused by Covid-19

Considering the outbreak of the Covid-19, starting from 10 March 2020, following a decision of the High Judicial Council, the activity and the services related to the judicial system have been suspended, aiming to mitigate the risk for the spread of the virus. The urgent court proceedings (i.e. injunctions, hearings related to the validity of the arrests, etc.) were exempted by this principle and decided as such by the court, on a case-by-case basis.

Albania: COVID-19 Legal Update

Starting from 9th to 23rd March 2020, the Albanian Government has increased the restrictive measures and extended the time in which the country will remain under lockdown because of the COVID-19 virus.