Founded in 2003, SEE Legal is a highly-integrated group of 10 law firms advising in 12 jurisdictions in South East Europe. Each member is an independent law firm, ranked as one of the leading law firms in its jurisdiction.

SEE Legal currently offers integrated cross-border and regional legal services in a wide array of practice areas. SEE Legal is respected by multinational clients, local entrepreneurs in each of these jurisdictions and global law firms alike for its consistency of professional excellence and service delivery, single point of contact, regional focus on quality assurance, and in-depth knowledge of local institutions, agencies, and business environments.

Our clients do not only benefit from each member firm’s professional and prompt legal services, but also receive added value through the experienced, cost-effective management of their legal issues and risks throughout the entire region.

SEE Legal has its own corporate structure (management, administration, regular meetings, practice groups, etc.), supporting infrastructure (intranet, website, social network profiles, knowledge management and clients’ database), clients’ friendly policies (one point of contact, single Letter of Engagement and invoice), marketing and business strategy, joint conferences and legal handbooks covering relevant regional topics: energy, taking and enforcing security, restructuring and insolvency, takeover bid, employment, etc.

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Practice groups

SEE Legal has established and continues to develop the six integrated regional practice groups. These enable the Group to share legal and industry-sector knowledge, practice management know-how, and client service capacities to deliver services wherever the client needs them, at a level of professional quality and efficiency that is not matched by any ordinary law firm networks or by many of the international law firms practising in the region.



SEE Legal Co-Chair



SEE Legal Co-Chair


Kristijan Polenak

SEE Legal Co-Chair