Mogosoaia Palace Remains the Property of the Bucharest Municipality - a New Resounding Success for NNDKP

After more than 8 years of litigation in court, the judge confirmed: Mogosoaia Palace remains the property of the Bucharest Municipality. Pursuant to the decision rendered on May 22, 2018, the Bucharest Court dismissed as inadmissible the motion filed for the retrocession of the Mogosoaia Palace. The Bucharest Municipality was represented in this case by Nestor Nestor Diculescu Kingston Petersen (NNDKP), and the trial strategy was coordinated by Ana Diculescu-Sova, Senior Partner and Coordinator of the Dispute Resolution Practice of the firm. During the 8 years of legal representation, the team…

NNDKP Successful in an Emergency Arbitrator Proceeding before the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania

In this proceeding, the plaintiff – a company active in the field of production of alternative energy sources – asked the Emergency Arbitrator to grant provisional measures consisting in the suspension of the plaintiff’s payment obligations arising out of a leasing agreement.

NNDKP Secures an Irrevocable Decision on behalf of Azomures against GFR in a Complex Commercial Dispute Stemming from a Framework Agreement

NNDKP successfully represented the company Azomures in a commercial dispute that involved damages in the amount of EUR 15 million, representing lost profits pursuant to a framework transportation agreement. In this dispute that lasted seven years and involved complex procedural steps, including quashing and remanding for re-adjudication on appeal, a change of venue at the opponent’s request, an annulment claim and several expert opinions, the court issued a final decision whereby it irrevocably dismissed the claim filed by GFR against Azomures, represented by NNDKP. In March 2018, NNDKP…

Maric & Co Elected as Lead Counsel to Represent KHK and Government of Canton Tuzla

Maric & Co was elected as the lead counsel to represent company KHK and the Government of Canton Tuzla in the arbitration proceeding upon the claim initiated by Global Steel Holdings Limited, which dispute is to be resolved in accordance with the UNCITRAL rules. Seat of the arbitration will be Vienna.