Banking and Finance

Meet SEE Legal Banking & Finance Practice Group Team

Leader and contact person for Banking and Finance Practice Group is Ms. Alina Radu, Nestor Nestor Diculescu Kingston Petersen


Banking and Finance is one of the strongest practices of SEE Legal. SEE Legal members provide legal services to leading international and local banks and financial companies, including some of the largest banks in the region.

SEE Legal members provide comprehensive services for the banking industry from assistance with commercial transactions to a variety of issues such as company formation, financing deals, privatisations, bankruptcies, and real estate acquisitions, to name a few. For example, SEE Legal members have assisted in the privatisation of many top-tier banks in South Eastern Europe, advised on regulatory and internal compliance, and assisted in the investment deals of some of the largest and most reputable names in business. SEE Legal members have acted as leading counsel in financing deals - commercial loans valued at millions of Euros, corporate and government bond deals, transactions financed by large international aid institutions, leases, derivatives, and credit agreements, as well as in project finance transactions.

The Finance sector continues to represent a substantial practice area that is key for all SEE Legal members as adviser to leading banks, financial institutions, brokerage and financial leasing firms, and investment funds throughout the region. Our first rate reputation ensures that clients in this sector are well versed in the up-to-date local practices in this transitional sector in South East Europe.

Although our markets differ in terms of size and stage of transition, one key factor dominates - the overwhelming need of all sectors for financing and the substantial interest, in particular from regional and international banks and institutions to facilitate this growth.