Public Procurement and PPP

Construction and Provision of Goods and Services for Antalya City Hospital

The Turkish Ministry of Health has announced a public invitation for the participation in a tender for the construction and provision of goods and services for the Antalya City Hospital, under the PPP model. The construction term is determined as 2.5 years (3.5. years, if extended) and the operation term is determined as 25 years. The construction cost is expected to exceed TRY 200 million.

Following the regulatory changes in 2006, Turkey is adopting PPP model for constructing health villages and city hospitals to meet healthcare needs. While 46% of the healthcare investment projects (e.g. Ankara Bilkent City Hospital, Eskişehir City Hospital, Tekirdağ City Hospital) are in the construction period, tender process of 13 percent of the healthcare projects (e.g. Elazığ City Hospital, Diyarbakır City Hospital, Aydın City Hospital) are still ongoing. The other healthcare investments are in the project/planning period.