Due to the specific importance of taxation in all commercial activities, SEE Legal members provide a wide scope of legal services related to different tax issues. Led by highly skilled and experienced tax and commercial lawyers, all SEE Legal members have developed a comprehensive and original approach to tax matters, dedicated to finding the most effective tax structures.

Tax presents an unavoidable issue when doing business, especially in respect to investments and financial deals, the acquisition and purchase of property or shares, formation and functioning of investment funds, restructuring and similar procedures. As thus, tax advice has become one of the most important services provided by the members of SEE Legal. In this respect, SEE Legal members have assisted in structuring transactions valued at millions of Euros, performed between leading companies, banks and financial organisations, solving their most sophisticated tax problems.

SEE Legal members are particularly focused on providing tax advice in the following areas: corporate income taxation, including local taxation and taxation of cross-border activities, and avoidance of double taxation, personal income taxation, property taxation, sales taxation, as well as assistance in complex tax litigation. All SEE Legal members have constant dialogue with policy makers, ensuring that clients’ needs are treated in the best possible manner.